Tuesday, 7 August 2012

For the love of photography!

I attended another photography course over the weekend. When I attended my first, I don’t believe I was in the right head space. The way the technical terms were explained went over my head all too quickly and before I knew it we were outside attempting to use our new found skills snapping away using a model.

The weekend’s course saw me take a better understanding of aperture, the ISO and shutter speed. All aspects which I knew had to be considered but I became lazy after Rob bought me a fixed 50mm lens and all I would change was the aperture. I would snap away with a low f number as I knew that would create a blurred background and hope for the best with the lighting.

I now know a low f number gives me a greater depth of field. The ISO can stay on 200 at all times if I am shooting outdoors and when I am inside a 1600 ISO suits. The shutter speed if I want to create movement perhaps shooting a flowing river bed I would use a slow speed. The little line on my DSLR screen will show me once the shutter speed and aperture are in perfect harmony creating the perfect photo quality wise.

I was in photography heaven on Sunday morning using my new found skills snapping away at Dakota, Sophie and Rob whilst we soaked up more sunshine on the back deck. The photos aren’t the best if we look at posing etc but in my eyes the quality is FABULOUS.
I am disappointed in myself for not taking this more seriously previously as I have LOVED setting Sophie up for mini photo shoots, but then I thought I can just re-create some of the recent shoots and then I have something to compare my new shots to. If they come out even a little bit better I will be one happy, photography loving gal.

What I love now is that I can look at a photo and analyse it, I could easily have a go at guessing what shutter speed and aperture the photographer was using.

That my friend is something I am proud of.

I have never been a studier, heck I left high school at the end of year 11 and never ventured to uni, only completed my Cert III in Business which was all too easy for me. I think I have found something that I will enjoy learning.

These are some of the shots I took on Sunday, as I say I was just playing around with the settings so the positioning and angles aren’t ideal but I am happy with the light and the effect I have managed to capture and there is definitely room for improvement …

Monday, 6 August 2012

Simple Things ...

We have been renovating for so long that we certainly don’t utilise our home to its full potential.
The backyard has been complete for almost a year and during these 10+ months we have hardly used it. Part of our outdoor lounge sits on the back deck and we have an old outdoor setting here. The outdoor table is covered in things for Rob’s work as he sometimes works here instead of in his shed and the lounge, well Dakota sought refuge here too many times to count and it was covered in fur.

I took to the back deck on Friday, moved the table around to create more space, moved Rob’s work things to only cover half of the table and proceeded to vacuum the lounge.

Saturday afternoon then saw Sophie and I relaxing on the lounge enjoying the winter sunshine before she was due for her bath. Mama had a red wine in hand and Sophie and Dakota bonded with Dakota’s mouth and chunks of fur being grabbed and Sophie receiving a few too many kisses.

It is these moments that make me stop and realise how amazing my life is. Enjoying the view of our garden that we worked so hard to create, spending time with Sophie without the interruption of my phone, the TV or the laptop to sit behind.
I often catch myself smiling on the inside when we venture out for a walk and get to enjoy the view of the river so close to our home ... looking down at my wrist and spotting the $10 bracelet that I bought from Seed which I am so in love with as it compliments my bargain online $60 Esprit watch (25th bday pressie from the hubster) ... opening the freezer door and admiring the oodles of sandwich bags containing yummy meals I have created for Sophie and portions of flavoured butter and red curry paste that I have whipped up in my Thermomix ... picking fresh herbs from my new garden.
It really is the simple things for me.

I count my blessings each and every day spending time with my little family.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Too Soon

I really need to get my butt into gear.

It is already August which means only three months until I have to return to work … THREE months. I am so not ready for this.

Three months to determine if my boss will take me back part-time … three months to start the day care search … three months to choose said day care and start Sophie’s orientation … three months to freak out about leaving Sophie with complete strangers … three months to be OK with leaving Sophie with complete strangers … three months to feel completely comfortable with leaving Sophie with complete strangers.

I told you I am so not ready for this.

I had hoped that my new venture with Thermomix would take off with a sprint but it seems a slow walk is still occurring.

Commission work is hard work.

I have been off work for nine months, to say that it has flown by would be a drastic understatement.

Nine months of becoming a whole new person, taking on a new role … the biggest role that I will ever take on in my entire life, learning new things each and every day, making mistakes, feeling new, both scary and exciting feelings.

What a rollercoaster of events I have endured these past nine months.

So many people told me that the first year of Sophie’s life would fly by, I never thought they meant it would fly by this fast. I have loved every moment I have had with her over these past 7.5 months. I definitely am not feeling the urge to head back to work for adult interaction. The days leading up to my return to work will be treasured forever.