Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear 9 month old you ...

It was love at first sight!

Yesterday marked nine months since Sophie came into our lives. Words cannot describe how joyous and fulfilling my life is now.

Sophie has become such a little person, her squeals of excitement showing off her two tiny teeth and the flapping of her arms make me smile each and every day.

Sophie, my darling, you are my light, you make me the happiest of Mama’s and I thank God each and every day that you are mine.

You went on your first plane trip last week and you were out of this world. I sang you to sleep by singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. You then slept in Mama’s arms for over an hour, you were obsessed with the laminated safety card and your Daddy made up stories for you by using the pictures on it.

You got to meet your Great Poppy who absolutely adored you, you also met 3 Great Aunt’s, 2 Great Uncle’s and 8 second and third cousins.

Everyone was besotted with you.

Your ticklish spots have finally appeared, Mama takes your hand to begin ‘round and round the garden’ and you shake your head with the cheekiest smile as you know what’s coming next.

You have not once gone off your food, which was until we went to Sydney, turns out you can’t stand Rafferty’s Garden food, you will touch the pureed fruit but how dare I attempt to feed you a main meal.

You are not crawling as yet but you are so eager to be on the move. You slide backwards when on the floor boards and you try and use the carpet to pull you forward if things are out of reach. I am going to enjoy as much time as possible whilst you are still not mobile, I’m sure I will become exhausted once the chase around the house begins.

You are slowly changing and beginning to look like your Mama. I can see it so much when you laugh, you do the same wide open mouth smile. Don’t worry kid, it will become your trademark.

You love when I count or sing the ABC to you. The day you sing it to me will be a teary one I am sure of it.

You still love the outdoors which I love. Spotting your puppy makes your whole body dance and you can’t wait for us to take you to her.

You have seemed confused each time I have my phone on speaker, wondering where the voices are coming from but today when Daddy called your entire face lit up, you squealed and then started saying Dada which then made me squeal.

I will never tire from watching you grow and learn new things, you are our little ray of sunshine and we love you with all of our hearts.

Happy 9 month birthday sweetie.

Monday, 10 September 2012


I can be anxious and OCD at the best of times. Throw a sick baby, two demo’s, appointments and a flight to Sydney on Friday into the mix and you have anxiety and OCD in over drive.
Packing fuels my anxiety levels. I really detest not having my entire wardrobe of clothes to choose from. It is so silly as I don’t wear half of the clothes I have hanging in my wardrobe and the same outfits which I feel comfortable in and love to wear end up on rotation from week to week but not having all of these unworn clothes to choose from seems to leave me feeling a little lost.

Then you throw Sophie’s wardrobe into the mix.

Leggings, t-shirts, long sleeve onesies, jumpers, cardi’s, short sleeve onesies, socks, nappies, bath toys, regular toys, bath wash, formula, bottles, spoons, wipes, nappy cream, moisturising cream … I could go on.

Who knows what the weather will be like once we reach our destination?! You can never rely on the weather forecast as the weather can suddenly change into a freak storm.

I have written a small list of outfits, yep, not just clothes, but actual outfits. Piecing tops and jeans together, allowing my mind to relax so that when I unpack I know I will have complete outfits to choose from instead of grabbing out a top and then realising I have no suitable bottoms to wear with said top.

I know … OCD is ringing loudly right about now.

Sophie has now been sick for two weeks. We missed swimming this morning for the third week in a row and we won’t be attending mothers group tomorrow either. Her cough hasn’t gotten any better and now we get to add a snotty nose to the list. She doesn’t seem unwell and is sleeping really well and still in love with her food but her bark is not going away.

We have been to the doctors twice now and she said it’s a virus and the cough should go away in approx. 3 weeks. I am worried I will have other passengers stare at me as she barks throughout the flight … oh the joy just awaits me!

So the few days ahead I have two demo’s, a hair appointment, a nail appointment (necessities ladies), eyebrow threading to be done, packing to be completed, paperwork for Thermomix and follow up emails to be completed, a meeting with my old boss to discuss returning to work and perhaps a few breaths thrown in too.

Roll on 8:05am so I can breathe on the flight … oh hang on … rocking an almost 9 mth babe to sleep who refuses to be rocked to sleep … no roll on 2:10pm where she will fall asleep in the hire car as we make the long drive to my beautiful Pop’s house where he will meet his great granddaughter for the first time.

Monday, 3 September 2012

27 days !

27 days!
Busy is an understatement.

I have completed 10 demo’s.

I have sold 9 machines.

I have been surrounded by paperwork. I have scanned pages and pages of various forms. I have emailed said forms and proceeded to do follow up phone calls.

35ish coffees have been consumed.

A dummy has been re-introduced and I am beating myself up about it.

Swimming lessons have been attended.

Swimming lessons have been missed due to Mama attending training and now Miss being sick.

A date night occurred to celebrate meeting hubby 6 years ago … date night did not turn out as we had both planned. Tears were shed … but that is an entirely different blog post.

Dry puffy eyelids have occurred for the second time. Time for new make-up.

Sophie marked her 8 month birthday. The year is going by too quickly.

Friendships have strengthened.

Countless loads of washing have been done. 

100 photos have been uploaded to Instragram.

No blog posts have been written but that is about to change.

I’M BACK … I have missed ALL OF YOU terribly !!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

For the love of photography!

I attended another photography course over the weekend. When I attended my first, I don’t believe I was in the right head space. The way the technical terms were explained went over my head all too quickly and before I knew it we were outside attempting to use our new found skills snapping away using a model.

The weekend’s course saw me take a better understanding of aperture, the ISO and shutter speed. All aspects which I knew had to be considered but I became lazy after Rob bought me a fixed 50mm lens and all I would change was the aperture. I would snap away with a low f number as I knew that would create a blurred background and hope for the best with the lighting.

I now know a low f number gives me a greater depth of field. The ISO can stay on 200 at all times if I am shooting outdoors and when I am inside a 1600 ISO suits. The shutter speed if I want to create movement perhaps shooting a flowing river bed I would use a slow speed. The little line on my DSLR screen will show me once the shutter speed and aperture are in perfect harmony creating the perfect photo quality wise.

I was in photography heaven on Sunday morning using my new found skills snapping away at Dakota, Sophie and Rob whilst we soaked up more sunshine on the back deck. The photos aren’t the best if we look at posing etc but in my eyes the quality is FABULOUS.
I am disappointed in myself for not taking this more seriously previously as I have LOVED setting Sophie up for mini photo shoots, but then I thought I can just re-create some of the recent shoots and then I have something to compare my new shots to. If they come out even a little bit better I will be one happy, photography loving gal.

What I love now is that I can look at a photo and analyse it, I could easily have a go at guessing what shutter speed and aperture the photographer was using.

That my friend is something I am proud of.

I have never been a studier, heck I left high school at the end of year 11 and never ventured to uni, only completed my Cert III in Business which was all too easy for me. I think I have found something that I will enjoy learning.

These are some of the shots I took on Sunday, as I say I was just playing around with the settings so the positioning and angles aren’t ideal but I am happy with the light and the effect I have managed to capture and there is definitely room for improvement …

Monday, 6 August 2012

Simple Things ...

We have been renovating for so long that we certainly don’t utilise our home to its full potential.
The backyard has been complete for almost a year and during these 10+ months we have hardly used it. Part of our outdoor lounge sits on the back deck and we have an old outdoor setting here. The outdoor table is covered in things for Rob’s work as he sometimes works here instead of in his shed and the lounge, well Dakota sought refuge here too many times to count and it was covered in fur.

I took to the back deck on Friday, moved the table around to create more space, moved Rob’s work things to only cover half of the table and proceeded to vacuum the lounge.

Saturday afternoon then saw Sophie and I relaxing on the lounge enjoying the winter sunshine before she was due for her bath. Mama had a red wine in hand and Sophie and Dakota bonded with Dakota’s mouth and chunks of fur being grabbed and Sophie receiving a few too many kisses.

It is these moments that make me stop and realise how amazing my life is. Enjoying the view of our garden that we worked so hard to create, spending time with Sophie without the interruption of my phone, the TV or the laptop to sit behind.
I often catch myself smiling on the inside when we venture out for a walk and get to enjoy the view of the river so close to our home ... looking down at my wrist and spotting the $10 bracelet that I bought from Seed which I am so in love with as it compliments my bargain online $60 Esprit watch (25th bday pressie from the hubster) ... opening the freezer door and admiring the oodles of sandwich bags containing yummy meals I have created for Sophie and portions of flavoured butter and red curry paste that I have whipped up in my Thermomix ... picking fresh herbs from my new garden.
It really is the simple things for me.

I count my blessings each and every day spending time with my little family.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Too Soon

I really need to get my butt into gear.

It is already August which means only three months until I have to return to work … THREE months. I am so not ready for this.

Three months to determine if my boss will take me back part-time … three months to start the day care search … three months to choose said day care and start Sophie’s orientation … three months to freak out about leaving Sophie with complete strangers … three months to be OK with leaving Sophie with complete strangers … three months to feel completely comfortable with leaving Sophie with complete strangers.

I told you I am so not ready for this.

I had hoped that my new venture with Thermomix would take off with a sprint but it seems a slow walk is still occurring.

Commission work is hard work.

I have been off work for nine months, to say that it has flown by would be a drastic understatement.

Nine months of becoming a whole new person, taking on a new role … the biggest role that I will ever take on in my entire life, learning new things each and every day, making mistakes, feeling new, both scary and exciting feelings.

What a rollercoaster of events I have endured these past nine months.

So many people told me that the first year of Sophie’s life would fly by, I never thought they meant it would fly by this fast. I have loved every moment I have had with her over these past 7.5 months. I definitely am not feeling the urge to head back to work for adult interaction. The days leading up to my return to work will be treasured forever.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Fun

I had a demo booked for Sunday but unfortunately the host came down with gastro and it was cancelled, it was actually a blessing in disguise.

I have had a super tiring week. Waking up each morning feeling as though I haven’t slept a wink; Sophie is still sleeping through, the odd night throwing one wake up our way, I even managed two 7am sleep ins but the headache that came with my tired feeling, oh the headache, hit by a truck kinda headache knocked me for six.

So I woke up yesterday morning and proceeded to lift my heavy head from the pillow wanting to enjoy the amazing sunshine Perth has been delivering lately, wanting to spend the day with my little family doing things we love.

Doing things we love is exactly what we did.

We ventured into Guildford, a gorgeous suburb only 10 minutes from where we live with my sister and her hubby in tow. Guildford has a strip of antique stores selling amazing furniture pieces and too many items that I proceed to drool over.

We had lunch and a well needed coffee and then the browsing began. I think I heard Rob say ‘I could make that’ around 10 times. Well come on then baby, make me some gorgeous furniture.

We visited the nursery and I fell in love with the owner. We were searching for a pot to plant all of my herbs in and she is now on a personal hunt for me. She even offered us a tea or coffee while we perused her collection, super sweet.

I now want to grow blueberries, expensive plant but so pretty and who wouldn’t love to be able to pick their own blueberries.

We returned home and got started on the gardening that we have wanted to get stuck into for too long. We had ripped out one of our garden beds some months ago as all of the flax were looking drab and were all dying on us; we had let it accrue too many weeds and finally dressed it up again. One strip of garden bed contains irises and they were TAKING OVER the garden. OK not quite but they had grown ridiculously big and were covering half of the path that leads to our front door. We dug each one out and split it into two, re-planted them and took the remaining half to our weed infested garden bed around the corner and voila … a brand new and beautiful garden bed now adorns our garden entrance.

Our two girls were our partners in crime and as a family we enjoyed the sunshine, making our home even prettier and plenty of laughs.

Taking time to notice the small things

Improvising with a new watering device

Before ... TOO BIG


Couldnt walk along here without getting knocked as I took each step

Loving the fertiliser that we used

After ... Aahhh thats better. Still a decent size but much neater

Sooo pretty

How did you spend your Sunday?
I hope it was as fabulous as mine.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One lucky lady

Watching Sophie each and every day fills me with so many emotions. I have been watching her over the past few weeks take a leap into a new stage, a new stage of wanting everything that isn’t a toy, a new stage of making completely different sounds … this week being ‘ducka’ which this morning we interpreted as Docker, clearly already barracking for the correct footy team.
I love sitting her on her play mat for her to interact with her toys and I will leave her on her own for a bit, when I return I stand ever so quietly behind her without her realising and these are some of the funniest and proudest moments I experience. She has learnt that when she tugs at her mat, toys that are out of reach suddenly become closer for her to take hold of. She is extremely cheeky, she will begin to whinge, she turns her little head to see if either Rob or I are there, realises we’re not so continues to play.

I have laughed each time I have witnessed this.

Today brought with it a new experience. Swimming.

Sophie looked more beautiful than ever today, she didn’t have a morning nap as Uncle Gav was visiting but being the trooper that she is, she was soldiering on. We waited our turn and then entered the pool.

The half an hour flew by, we sang songs, glided through the water and jumped up and down.

Rob was there to watch. One of the many reasons why I love that he works from home.

Watching her face as water was splashed over her, as we sang new songs she hadn’t heard before was the most amazing experience. I had tears in my eyes whilst I was in the water with her. I was not only witnessing her experience swimming for the first time, I was experiencing it with her.

She would look over at the other babies and start giggling as if to say ‘how much fun is this?!’

My love grows for her more and more each day and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. Could it be that for the past seven months my entire journey as a mother so far has been so surreal I thought I was going to wake up from the best dream ever and it would all be over?

I am on one incredible ride and have the most beautiful cherub to thank for that.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beating the Winter Blues ...

I am linking up with Fi from My Mummy Daze today for Windows of Happiness.

My window of happiness was Friday last week. My sister and her family live in Karratha and have been down in Perth visiting for the past week, staying with my parents. My brother and his family live down south and they too were in Perth visiting. My SIL and two nephews were heading back down south and were dropping into my parents to say goodbye so Sophie and I were going to visit.

I have been feeling tired lately, OK I have been feeling exhausted. Sophie hasn’t been sleeping the best and had decided 5am wake ups were a wondrous treat for her Mama along with several wake ups in the middle of the night. I started to prepare breakfast for Rob and I when I decided that I needed to change my attitude, yes I am tired, but I can easily change my way of thinking, the days are too precious to sit around and mope about how tired I am. I proceeded to make poached eggs on toast with mushrooms and fetta … YUM! The eggs gave me the perfect pick me up so I got Sophie and myself ready and decided to walk to my parents’ house.

It is only 2.8kms and it is a beautiful walk, I get to cross over the river and enjoy the beautiful winter sun that Perth is having lately.

My family is very laid back, there are no rules when we are at the family home, we all hang out and just have fun.

Friday morning saw my nephew racing my sister around the block and winning, 3 of the family doggies all playing together, coffee being made, my nephew opening up to me about being bullied by his older brother and his friend one day, plenty of cuddles for Sophie, high fives from my beautiful littlest nephew Cooper each time he said bubble and then another 2.8km walk home.

It is the simple things that make me the happiest … spending time with family and soaking up some rays.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bad habits !

How Rob made it to 30 without me in his life I still wonder.

Yesterday morning as he made his way to the study to start his day, I proceeded to walk around the house clearing his trail of destruction.

Fry pan after making eggs for breakfast just left on the bench.

Because recycling should be left on the kitchen window sill.

Random tablets.

Empty strepsils box ... empty vitamin bottle ... wallet ... I could go on !

Because one plate for breakfast just isnt enough.

Golf clubs have been here since Sunday, he is playing again on Sat, I know they wont move until he leaves for that game. Sophie's empty vaporiser box ... again recyclying ... bin is OUTSIDE babe !

My pet hate (pardon the pun) ... he leaves this out EVERY night (well every night that the dog is let in), I hate walking into the lounge and seeing it there, it should be put behind the couch.

He had a relatively neat and tidy apartment when I met him ... what have I done for him to have lapsed with these skills? DId I take over too much too soon?!

My constant nagging doesn't seem to get anywhere, i'm hoping this blog post will!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My 80th post ... AND an apology !

My 80th post! To celebrate my 80th post I have decided to write a post to the girl who inspired me to start my blogging journey.

So to Kate from the amazing katesinmelbourne I owe you an apology!

Some 15 years ago in April Kate was having a birthday. I excitedly purchased her a present and my Mum drove me to her house for the delivery to be made.

Oh yeah … I know Kate.

We became friends in 1992 … two girls starting year 1. I saw her standing there with her Dad by her side on our very first day. She looked scared, I was scared, the friendship was meant to be.

I gave Kate her present … none other than an AQUA single. Oh yeah that’s right, Dr Jones & Barbie Girl on CD. Could the girl want anything else?!

She then confessed that her family did not own a CD player.

I told her that I would exchange it and get her something else.


So Kate, this is my apology, 15 years isn’t too late is it?

I am sorry for not replacing your CD with another birthday present. I truly am.

PHEW !! I am SO glad to have that off my chest.

Sisters !

Yesterday marked my sister’s 28th birthday. My sister and my best friend.

I am so proud of the person that she is today.

We have been each other’s rocks for the entirety of our lives.

We fought when we were little.

I would play rough with her and always get away with it, pays to be the younger sibling.

I would borrow her clothes and try and get out of the house before she noticed.

She would borrow my clothes and I would find them crumpled on her floor with the rest of her wardrobe.

She convinced me to put blonde streaks through my hair when I was 13, Mum was less than impressed.

I guarded the door while our older sis coloured her hair for the first time, the brightest blonde patch formed on the top of her head, she had to miss school the next day and proceeded to spend the entire day at the hairdressers with Mum trying to fix it.
I was 17 when I decided to be inked. My sister told Mum and Dad whilst I was there, I had their angry selves waiting for me when I got home.

We spent many nights out together partying; she always included me with her friends.

I was the one she called when she got caught driving home after a few too many. I was in my PJ’s, I pulled up, got out of the car and marched towards her like I was her Mum, all the police thought it was hilarious.

She moved to Melbourne … it was the longest 12 months of my life.

Mum and Dad flew her home for my 18th as a surprise. Best present ever.

She moved home. We moved out together.

Then she moved out.

I supported her through what will be the most difficult thing she will ever experience in her whole life.

I stuck up for her.

I lied for her.
I cried with her.

I argued with her.

All I ever wanted was for her to be happy and healthy.

I always answered my phone when it was her ringing, even if it was 3am, these were the calls that needed to be answered the most.

There was no hesitation, I would jump out of bed, throw some clothes on and drive like there was no tomorrow, pick her up and continue the fastest drive to the emergency department at the nearest hospital.

You can’t mess with heart palpitations.

Quite often Mum and Dad were not told of these instances.

At her worst my Dad thought the only answer was to take her to hospital, she refused to go unless I was with her. Again it didn’t matter what time it was, Dad would call, I would answer and all three of us would drive together in silence to then demand answers from yet more Doctors.

‘Sorry, we are unable to help you.’

Words a Father & Sister don’t want to hear at 2am when as a family we have all been suffering for too long.

Finally, she searched for an answer which would help her, she would fly to Canada for three months.

By this stage she was too sick to travel such a distance on her own, I would travel with her.

We packed her bags, tears were shed, we were all hoping for the best.

We had an 8 hour wait in Hong Kong airport on our way there, she was too sick to walk, she slept lying across chairs using her bag as a pillow, I stayed awake to watch our things.

I had to leave her at a house in a remote area of Vancouver; I bid her farewell, not sure when I would see her again.

I spent 3 days staying with friends; I received phone calls each day filled with tears on the other end.

She gave Rob strict instructions before we left ‘do not propose whilst I am away.’

Rob has never coped well with instructions. He proposed at the airport when I arrived home.

It took me two weeks to work up the courage to tell her the news.

She missed my engagement party, I was devastated.

We were meant to be reunited after three months … it was extended to six.

She was my maid of honour 4 months after she arrived home.

She was beautiful.

For the past three and a half years she has fought … fought to stay healthy … fought to stay happy. She has had slips but she knows how to bring herself back. I admire her for this.

My sister is an extremely strong willed person. She only ever wants everyone around her to be happy, she is there for me whenever I need her, she is not only Sophie’s amazing Aunty, but also her godmother. I wouldn’t have had anybody else.

This year she celebrated her 28th birthday, she celebrated by being healthy which makes me the happiest sister ever.

We are the best of friends. I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing person to grow up with and to have by my side each day.

Claire, Happy Birthday, I love you !

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I read this post yesterday that Eden from Edenland wrote

It struck a chord with me.

Why do these things happen to the ones we love, to the ones who deserve it the least, of course nobody deserves to suffer but to those that have only done good in their lives.

I made a phone call on Sunday afternoon, one that I had been putting off for too long.

My Uncle recently passed away, of lung cancer, leaving my Aunty a widow and my 3 cousins without their Dad.

He died a month ago.

I am in shock as I type that … it took me a month to call my Aunty.

Terrible niece is what you’re thinking isn’t it?!

My Aunty is my Mum’s sister; she lives in Sydney as do all of my Mum’s family. I have met them maybe 6 times. It is not like I don’t know them but living in Perth we of course didn’t have them in our lives for all of the special events, therefore we didn’t have a relationship with them as a typical Aunty/Niece would have.

My Uncle was a very quiet man, with the times that we were together, not many words were exchanged. I definitely had a different relationship with him compared to my other two uncles who live in Sydney.

My Mum has been harping onto me to make that phone call. What was I going to say? What words would I use to try and express my sadness for her?

These are family members who I didn’t invite to my wedding, my aunties, uncles, cousins and even my Pop, my only living grandparent. How I regret this decision. At the time my Mum wasn’t on talking terms with them, something we all regret. A decision that was made by my Mum, a decision that I should have persuaded my Mum to change.

Sunday afternoon rolled around, Sophie was put in her cot for a nap and I actually had time. Time to make this phone call, I picked up my phone and searched for her number.

It was the nicest 40 minutes.

We chatted, we laughed, we exchanged words, as Aunty and niece, as two people who deserve a relationship.

She was so appreciative of my call. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it made me appreciate having all of my immediate family around me, it made me realise how important one phone call can be.

We are all heading to Sydney in September. By ‘we’ I mean, me, Rob, Sophie, my Mum, my Dad, my two sisters, my two brothers and my two SIL’s. It is the first time that we would have all been together since 2005. We will all be together to help my Pop celebrate his 90th birthday. A time that I am longing for.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekend Fun!

I had one of those weekends where at one point I found myself thinking ‘I am having such a good time.’

Sophie attended her first birthday party on Saturday, she got all dressed up, well Daddy got her all dressed up and she got to play with all of her friends. The birthday party was for Zane, our godson’s little brother, he looked super cute with his spiked hair and new outfit.

I made some cupcakes to help out his Mumma, it was a jungle themed party and I found the perfect cupcake toppers.

I have been super lucky with this group of friends, considering there is such a large age gap between Rob and I, I have meshed well with his friends since day one. They are such a gorgeous group, sincere, friendly and loads of fun.

We stayed in on Saturday night and we were in Thermo heaven. I made a Beef Rendang, of course completely from scratch and it was super easy and super quick – am I selling it to you yet?! It was delish, and we had THE yummiest Sticky Date Pudding for dessert. It’s a big call but I think it has to be the best I have ever eaten.

Sunday rolled around and we headed to Perth Upmarket for some handmade goodness. The stalls are all so gorgeous and I could have gone shopping crazy, the amount of people deterred me from spending loads which is a very good thing. Sophie now has two new gorgeous beanies and Mumma got a beaded necklace.

We then ventured to Wagamama’s for lunch.

It was then homeward bound for a lazy arvo.

It feels so nice to just have ‘us’ time. It almost feels like a new relationship when we are out and about on weekends, after renovating for so long and by renovating I mean Rob renovating, my weekends became just ‘me’ time. I learnt to plan things without even considering what Rob was doing as I always knew it would be things around the house.

Finally I have my hubby back.

Downside was a sore throat presented itself yesterday arvo and I have not woken up feeling better. Hhmmm my crazy days are catching up with me.

What did you get up to this weekend?
Any exciting adventures?