Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sisters !

Yesterday marked my sister’s 28th birthday. My sister and my best friend.

I am so proud of the person that she is today.

We have been each other’s rocks for the entirety of our lives.

We fought when we were little.

I would play rough with her and always get away with it, pays to be the younger sibling.

I would borrow her clothes and try and get out of the house before she noticed.

She would borrow my clothes and I would find them crumpled on her floor with the rest of her wardrobe.

She convinced me to put blonde streaks through my hair when I was 13, Mum was less than impressed.

I guarded the door while our older sis coloured her hair for the first time, the brightest blonde patch formed on the top of her head, she had to miss school the next day and proceeded to spend the entire day at the hairdressers with Mum trying to fix it.
I was 17 when I decided to be inked. My sister told Mum and Dad whilst I was there, I had their angry selves waiting for me when I got home.

We spent many nights out together partying; she always included me with her friends.

I was the one she called when she got caught driving home after a few too many. I was in my PJ’s, I pulled up, got out of the car and marched towards her like I was her Mum, all the police thought it was hilarious.

She moved to Melbourne … it was the longest 12 months of my life.

Mum and Dad flew her home for my 18th as a surprise. Best present ever.

She moved home. We moved out together.

Then she moved out.

I supported her through what will be the most difficult thing she will ever experience in her whole life.

I stuck up for her.

I lied for her.
I cried with her.

I argued with her.

All I ever wanted was for her to be happy and healthy.

I always answered my phone when it was her ringing, even if it was 3am, these were the calls that needed to be answered the most.

There was no hesitation, I would jump out of bed, throw some clothes on and drive like there was no tomorrow, pick her up and continue the fastest drive to the emergency department at the nearest hospital.

You can’t mess with heart palpitations.

Quite often Mum and Dad were not told of these instances.

At her worst my Dad thought the only answer was to take her to hospital, she refused to go unless I was with her. Again it didn’t matter what time it was, Dad would call, I would answer and all three of us would drive together in silence to then demand answers from yet more Doctors.

‘Sorry, we are unable to help you.’

Words a Father & Sister don’t want to hear at 2am when as a family we have all been suffering for too long.

Finally, she searched for an answer which would help her, she would fly to Canada for three months.

By this stage she was too sick to travel such a distance on her own, I would travel with her.

We packed her bags, tears were shed, we were all hoping for the best.

We had an 8 hour wait in Hong Kong airport on our way there, she was too sick to walk, she slept lying across chairs using her bag as a pillow, I stayed awake to watch our things.

I had to leave her at a house in a remote area of Vancouver; I bid her farewell, not sure when I would see her again.

I spent 3 days staying with friends; I received phone calls each day filled with tears on the other end.

She gave Rob strict instructions before we left ‘do not propose whilst I am away.’

Rob has never coped well with instructions. He proposed at the airport when I arrived home.

It took me two weeks to work up the courage to tell her the news.

She missed my engagement party, I was devastated.

We were meant to be reunited after three months … it was extended to six.

She was my maid of honour 4 months after she arrived home.

She was beautiful.

For the past three and a half years she has fought … fought to stay healthy … fought to stay happy. She has had slips but she knows how to bring herself back. I admire her for this.

My sister is an extremely strong willed person. She only ever wants everyone around her to be happy, she is there for me whenever I need her, she is not only Sophie’s amazing Aunty, but also her godmother. I wouldn’t have had anybody else.

This year she celebrated her 28th birthday, she celebrated by being healthy which makes me the happiest sister ever.

We are the best of friends. I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing person to grow up with and to have by my side each day.

Claire, Happy Birthday, I love you !

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