About Me

I am a lover of all things pretty, from French shabby chic furnishings to green foliage on a summer’s day.

I love to talk and am known as the “loud” one, being the youngest of 5 children I’m sure assisted with this trait.

I value friendships, a value I hope will never cease.

Cooking and baking is a passion for me, one that I can thank my beautiful Grandmother, Katie McCarthy for.

Photography is something that I have dabbled in and would love to explore further. I love knowing that there is emotion both in front and behind the lens.

Gossip sessions with close girlfriends reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future will never become dull.

Manicure’s, pedicure’s, a new pair of shoes and a fabulous new dress make me feel beautiful but hearing my hubby tell me how gorgeous I am at 28 weeks pregnant wearing trackies and a hoody makes me feel content and definitely more beautiful.

Hello, my name is Jayne. I am 24 (almost a quarter of a century). I am a wife and have been since the 7th March 2009. I am the daughter of the hardest working, honest, giving and loving Mother and Father one could wish for. I am a sister to four amazing people who have all individually helped shape the person that I am today. I am an Aunty to 7 amazing little people; I inherited 7 additional nieces and nephews when I became a Jagger. I am a friend and am due to take on my biggest challenge yet on Christmas day this year when I am set to become a Mummy for the very first time.

Thank you to the likes of katesinmelbourne, cake crumbs & beach sand, a baby called max, maxabella loves and baby mac as they have inspired me to enter this fabulous blogging world.