Monday, 10 September 2012


I can be anxious and OCD at the best of times. Throw a sick baby, two demo’s, appointments and a flight to Sydney on Friday into the mix and you have anxiety and OCD in over drive.
Packing fuels my anxiety levels. I really detest not having my entire wardrobe of clothes to choose from. It is so silly as I don’t wear half of the clothes I have hanging in my wardrobe and the same outfits which I feel comfortable in and love to wear end up on rotation from week to week but not having all of these unworn clothes to choose from seems to leave me feeling a little lost.

Then you throw Sophie’s wardrobe into the mix.

Leggings, t-shirts, long sleeve onesies, jumpers, cardi’s, short sleeve onesies, socks, nappies, bath toys, regular toys, bath wash, formula, bottles, spoons, wipes, nappy cream, moisturising cream … I could go on.

Who knows what the weather will be like once we reach our destination?! You can never rely on the weather forecast as the weather can suddenly change into a freak storm.

I have written a small list of outfits, yep, not just clothes, but actual outfits. Piecing tops and jeans together, allowing my mind to relax so that when I unpack I know I will have complete outfits to choose from instead of grabbing out a top and then realising I have no suitable bottoms to wear with said top.

I know … OCD is ringing loudly right about now.

Sophie has now been sick for two weeks. We missed swimming this morning for the third week in a row and we won’t be attending mothers group tomorrow either. Her cough hasn’t gotten any better and now we get to add a snotty nose to the list. She doesn’t seem unwell and is sleeping really well and still in love with her food but her bark is not going away.

We have been to the doctors twice now and she said it’s a virus and the cough should go away in approx. 3 weeks. I am worried I will have other passengers stare at me as she barks throughout the flight … oh the joy just awaits me!

So the few days ahead I have two demo’s, a hair appointment, a nail appointment (necessities ladies), eyebrow threading to be done, packing to be completed, paperwork for Thermomix and follow up emails to be completed, a meeting with my old boss to discuss returning to work and perhaps a few breaths thrown in too.

Roll on 8:05am so I can breathe on the flight … oh hang on … rocking an almost 9 mth babe to sleep who refuses to be rocked to sleep … no roll on 2:10pm where she will fall asleep in the hire car as we make the long drive to my beautiful Pop’s house where he will meet his great granddaughter for the first time.


  1. Hey Jayne...
    Im flying to Melbourne on Friday too and am having the same dilemma...My case is already weighing a ton without all my toiletries to add to the mix!!! I am always the one with the 'heavy' sticker attached to my case. Have funxxx

  2. Not OCD- just prepared!

    Go get some giant sandwich bags- woolies have their "select" brand ones, around $2 for 15 bags. Pack Sophie's complete outfits (clothes, socks, headbands, pretty bib etc) into each bag, same for you (tops, undies and accessories in the bags, not jeans obviously) only one outfit per day, a cardigan/jacket each and spare socks each. They have laundromats in Sydney. And shops. :o)

    Pack now so you can forget about it! And if you forget something or feel really uncomfortable about an outfit, you have plenty of time to change it.

    Then go cross off your to-do list and then RELAX! You'll be fine! If anyone gives you a funny look on the plane, you can show them your beautiful manicure.... on the middle finger of each hand ;o) Okay i would never actually do that but its nice to think about sometimes, haha!!

    Babies hang on to their coughs for ages because they dont know theyre supposed to cough it up or how to cough it up, they only have little muscles so theyre fine but theyre still coughing. As long as sophie is happy thats all you hve to worry about :o)

    Jayne, breathe, you'll be fine!!!!!

  3. My 15 month old has just gotten over being sick, she would've had that annoying cough for over a month, plus a runny nose. But otherwise generally happy :)
    I have flown several times with lil miss since she was 9 months, and I think I worked myself up and worried about it for a week or so before each flight... And each time she surprised me and slept, behaved and didn't poo!! I'm sure Sophie will be fine. Lots of snacks and toys/books for distraction always help.
    Clare x