Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear 9 month old you ...

It was love at first sight!

Yesterday marked nine months since Sophie came into our lives. Words cannot describe how joyous and fulfilling my life is now.

Sophie has become such a little person, her squeals of excitement showing off her two tiny teeth and the flapping of her arms make me smile each and every day.

Sophie, my darling, you are my light, you make me the happiest of Mama’s and I thank God each and every day that you are mine.

You went on your first plane trip last week and you were out of this world. I sang you to sleep by singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. You then slept in Mama’s arms for over an hour, you were obsessed with the laminated safety card and your Daddy made up stories for you by using the pictures on it.

You got to meet your Great Poppy who absolutely adored you, you also met 3 Great Aunt’s, 2 Great Uncle’s and 8 second and third cousins.

Everyone was besotted with you.

Your ticklish spots have finally appeared, Mama takes your hand to begin ‘round and round the garden’ and you shake your head with the cheekiest smile as you know what’s coming next.

You have not once gone off your food, which was until we went to Sydney, turns out you can’t stand Rafferty’s Garden food, you will touch the pureed fruit but how dare I attempt to feed you a main meal.

You are not crawling as yet but you are so eager to be on the move. You slide backwards when on the floor boards and you try and use the carpet to pull you forward if things are out of reach. I am going to enjoy as much time as possible whilst you are still not mobile, I’m sure I will become exhausted once the chase around the house begins.

You are slowly changing and beginning to look like your Mama. I can see it so much when you laugh, you do the same wide open mouth smile. Don’t worry kid, it will become your trademark.

You love when I count or sing the ABC to you. The day you sing it to me will be a teary one I am sure of it.

You still love the outdoors which I love. Spotting your puppy makes your whole body dance and you can’t wait for us to take you to her.

You have seemed confused each time I have my phone on speaker, wondering where the voices are coming from but today when Daddy called your entire face lit up, you squealed and then started saying Dada which then made me squeal.

I will never tire from watching you grow and learn new things, you are our little ray of sunshine and we love you with all of our hearts.

Happy 9 month birthday sweetie.

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  1. Beautiful! They grow and change so fast! It's so precious to record the moments like this xx