Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bad habits !

How Rob made it to 30 without me in his life I still wonder.

Yesterday morning as he made his way to the study to start his day, I proceeded to walk around the house clearing his trail of destruction.

Fry pan after making eggs for breakfast just left on the bench.

Because recycling should be left on the kitchen window sill.

Random tablets.

Empty strepsils box ... empty vitamin bottle ... wallet ... I could go on !

Because one plate for breakfast just isnt enough.

Golf clubs have been here since Sunday, he is playing again on Sat, I know they wont move until he leaves for that game. Sophie's empty vaporiser box ... again recyclying ... bin is OUTSIDE babe !

My pet hate (pardon the pun) ... he leaves this out EVERY night (well every night that the dog is let in), I hate walking into the lounge and seeing it there, it should be put behind the couch.

He had a relatively neat and tidy apartment when I met him ... what have I done for him to have lapsed with these skills? DId I take over too much too soon?!

My constant nagging doesn't seem to get anywhere, i'm hoping this blog post will!



  1. When I met my husband his apartment was IMMACULATE, not a thing out of place. Now I have the messiest man alive leaving everything that isn't stapled down in my path. I kid you not. And after 12 years my nagging, pleading, bribing and screaming nothing has changed. Sigh. Venus and Mars babe, Venus and Mars.

  2. Haha, my husb is really, really tidy, and rarely leaves anything lying around...except dirty dishes. I think because he's so tall he thinks it's too far down to open the dishwasher and put them in...! Oh, and he refuses to make the bed...but when we met he made the bed I can't work men out. Simple as that.

  3. Aaahhh, Jayne, get rid of captcha!

  4. I wrote a post just like this not that long ago but never published it as i realised his sisters and mum read my blog... probably wouldnt have gone down too well! I swear once they realise someone will do it all for them they stop seeing the point!

  5. Oh, you must be my husband's second wife!

    It's so nice to meet you ;)