Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One lucky lady

Watching Sophie each and every day fills me with so many emotions. I have been watching her over the past few weeks take a leap into a new stage, a new stage of wanting everything that isn’t a toy, a new stage of making completely different sounds … this week being ‘ducka’ which this morning we interpreted as Docker, clearly already barracking for the correct footy team.
I love sitting her on her play mat for her to interact with her toys and I will leave her on her own for a bit, when I return I stand ever so quietly behind her without her realising and these are some of the funniest and proudest moments I experience. She has learnt that when she tugs at her mat, toys that are out of reach suddenly become closer for her to take hold of. She is extremely cheeky, she will begin to whinge, she turns her little head to see if either Rob or I are there, realises we’re not so continues to play.

I have laughed each time I have witnessed this.

Today brought with it a new experience. Swimming.

Sophie looked more beautiful than ever today, she didn’t have a morning nap as Uncle Gav was visiting but being the trooper that she is, she was soldiering on. We waited our turn and then entered the pool.

The half an hour flew by, we sang songs, glided through the water and jumped up and down.

Rob was there to watch. One of the many reasons why I love that he works from home.

Watching her face as water was splashed over her, as we sang new songs she hadn’t heard before was the most amazing experience. I had tears in my eyes whilst I was in the water with her. I was not only witnessing her experience swimming for the first time, I was experiencing it with her.

She would look over at the other babies and start giggling as if to say ‘how much fun is this?!’

My love grows for her more and more each day and I honestly didn’t think that was possible. Could it be that for the past seven months my entire journey as a mother so far has been so surreal I thought I was going to wake up from the best dream ever and it would all be over?

I am on one incredible ride and have the most beautiful cherub to thank for that.

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  1. Just beautiful Jayne. Seven months? Already!?