Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Fun

I had a demo booked for Sunday but unfortunately the host came down with gastro and it was cancelled, it was actually a blessing in disguise.

I have had a super tiring week. Waking up each morning feeling as though I haven’t slept a wink; Sophie is still sleeping through, the odd night throwing one wake up our way, I even managed two 7am sleep ins but the headache that came with my tired feeling, oh the headache, hit by a truck kinda headache knocked me for six.

So I woke up yesterday morning and proceeded to lift my heavy head from the pillow wanting to enjoy the amazing sunshine Perth has been delivering lately, wanting to spend the day with my little family doing things we love.

Doing things we love is exactly what we did.

We ventured into Guildford, a gorgeous suburb only 10 minutes from where we live with my sister and her hubby in tow. Guildford has a strip of antique stores selling amazing furniture pieces and too many items that I proceed to drool over.

We had lunch and a well needed coffee and then the browsing began. I think I heard Rob say ‘I could make that’ around 10 times. Well come on then baby, make me some gorgeous furniture.

We visited the nursery and I fell in love with the owner. We were searching for a pot to plant all of my herbs in and she is now on a personal hunt for me. She even offered us a tea or coffee while we perused her collection, super sweet.

I now want to grow blueberries, expensive plant but so pretty and who wouldn’t love to be able to pick their own blueberries.

We returned home and got started on the gardening that we have wanted to get stuck into for too long. We had ripped out one of our garden beds some months ago as all of the flax were looking drab and were all dying on us; we had let it accrue too many weeds and finally dressed it up again. One strip of garden bed contains irises and they were TAKING OVER the garden. OK not quite but they had grown ridiculously big and were covering half of the path that leads to our front door. We dug each one out and split it into two, re-planted them and took the remaining half to our weed infested garden bed around the corner and voila … a brand new and beautiful garden bed now adorns our garden entrance.

Our two girls were our partners in crime and as a family we enjoyed the sunshine, making our home even prettier and plenty of laughs.

Taking time to notice the small things

Improvising with a new watering device

Before ... TOO BIG


Couldnt walk along here without getting knocked as I took each step

Loving the fertiliser that we used

After ... Aahhh thats better. Still a decent size but much neater

Sooo pretty

How did you spend your Sunday?
I hope it was as fabulous as mine.


  1. I love Sundays. No matter what happens it always seems to be a great day. I spent the morning finishing off some baking then had a cuppa with my in-laws before dashing off to lunch with some old work friends. Chat, chat, chat and four hours had passed. Home for dinner and a plonk on the couch with my laptop. A perfect day too - but totally different to yours. I so love seeing gardening posts. Our yard is really coming along and needs some more plants but I have such a horrible black thumb - I need inspiration!!

  2. I love your watering device ;o) I have one out the front of the house for my daffodils.