Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My 80th post ... AND an apology !

My 80th post! To celebrate my 80th post I have decided to write a post to the girl who inspired me to start my blogging journey.

So to Kate from the amazing katesinmelbourne I owe you an apology!

Some 15 years ago in April Kate was having a birthday. I excitedly purchased her a present and my Mum drove me to her house for the delivery to be made.

Oh yeah … I know Kate.

We became friends in 1992 … two girls starting year 1. I saw her standing there with her Dad by her side on our very first day. She looked scared, I was scared, the friendship was meant to be.

I gave Kate her present … none other than an AQUA single. Oh yeah that’s right, Dr Jones & Barbie Girl on CD. Could the girl want anything else?!

She then confessed that her family did not own a CD player.

I told her that I would exchange it and get her something else.


So Kate, this is my apology, 15 years isn’t too late is it?

I am sorry for not replacing your CD with another birthday present. I truly am.

PHEW !! I am SO glad to have that off my chest.

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