Monday, 6 August 2012

Simple Things ...

We have been renovating for so long that we certainly don’t utilise our home to its full potential.
The backyard has been complete for almost a year and during these 10+ months we have hardly used it. Part of our outdoor lounge sits on the back deck and we have an old outdoor setting here. The outdoor table is covered in things for Rob’s work as he sometimes works here instead of in his shed and the lounge, well Dakota sought refuge here too many times to count and it was covered in fur.

I took to the back deck on Friday, moved the table around to create more space, moved Rob’s work things to only cover half of the table and proceeded to vacuum the lounge.

Saturday afternoon then saw Sophie and I relaxing on the lounge enjoying the winter sunshine before she was due for her bath. Mama had a red wine in hand and Sophie and Dakota bonded with Dakota’s mouth and chunks of fur being grabbed and Sophie receiving a few too many kisses.

It is these moments that make me stop and realise how amazing my life is. Enjoying the view of our garden that we worked so hard to create, spending time with Sophie without the interruption of my phone, the TV or the laptop to sit behind.
I often catch myself smiling on the inside when we venture out for a walk and get to enjoy the view of the river so close to our home ... looking down at my wrist and spotting the $10 bracelet that I bought from Seed which I am so in love with as it compliments my bargain online $60 Esprit watch (25th bday pressie from the hubster) ... opening the freezer door and admiring the oodles of sandwich bags containing yummy meals I have created for Sophie and portions of flavoured butter and red curry paste that I have whipped up in my Thermomix ... picking fresh herbs from my new garden.
It really is the simple things for me.

I count my blessings each and every day spending time with my little family.

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