Sunday, 24 June 2012

Weekend Fun!

I had one of those weekends where at one point I found myself thinking ‘I am having such a good time.’

Sophie attended her first birthday party on Saturday, she got all dressed up, well Daddy got her all dressed up and she got to play with all of her friends. The birthday party was for Zane, our godson’s little brother, he looked super cute with his spiked hair and new outfit.

I made some cupcakes to help out his Mumma, it was a jungle themed party and I found the perfect cupcake toppers.

I have been super lucky with this group of friends, considering there is such a large age gap between Rob and I, I have meshed well with his friends since day one. They are such a gorgeous group, sincere, friendly and loads of fun.

We stayed in on Saturday night and we were in Thermo heaven. I made a Beef Rendang, of course completely from scratch and it was super easy and super quick – am I selling it to you yet?! It was delish, and we had THE yummiest Sticky Date Pudding for dessert. It’s a big call but I think it has to be the best I have ever eaten.

Sunday rolled around and we headed to Perth Upmarket for some handmade goodness. The stalls are all so gorgeous and I could have gone shopping crazy, the amount of people deterred me from spending loads which is a very good thing. Sophie now has two new gorgeous beanies and Mumma got a beaded necklace.

We then ventured to Wagamama’s for lunch.

It was then homeward bound for a lazy arvo.

It feels so nice to just have ‘us’ time. It almost feels like a new relationship when we are out and about on weekends, after renovating for so long and by renovating I mean Rob renovating, my weekends became just ‘me’ time. I learnt to plan things without even considering what Rob was doing as I always knew it would be things around the house.

Finally I have my hubby back.

Downside was a sore throat presented itself yesterday arvo and I have not woken up feeling better. Hhmmm my crazy days are catching up with me.

What did you get up to this weekend?
Any exciting adventures?

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