Tuesday, 12 June 2012


In amidst our spare room clean-up day, Rob asked if he could throw something away. Memories came flooding back as he proceeded to show me a quilt.

Not just any quilt.

A quilt in which sat on my single bed as a child, a quilt in which my Mum bought for me when she redecorated my room before I was old enough to make some choices re: wall colour, d├ęcor etc, a quilt in which my Mum also bought my sister so that we could be matching, a quilt in which I didn’t sit on because of the foam bubbles the top had, a quilt in which my dearest friend Jo made fun of me for because I didn’t let her sit on it either.

I am so glad that my Mum holds onto things. I am not so much a hoarder but a collector. I love to collect things from my childhood, from my travels, a collection of items that will help me hold onto important and special memories.

This particular item brings with it so many memories; I am already envisaging Sophie’s room perhaps being decorated around this one item, my childhood quilt.

Did you hold onto anything from your childhood?

Do you have things scattered around your home that instantly fill you with emotion when you sight them?

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  1. What a beautiful quilt and one with so many lovely memories attached. I thank goodness for my Mama being a bit of a sentimental hoarder also, as she has kept many things from my childhood and teen years.
    Definitely have to hold onto that one for your little Sophie xo