Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sleeping Baby

3:30 am. Cries, chatting, more cries … all I can think about is WHY? Why do you sleep in until 6am when its Daddy’s turn to get up to you and you seem to always wake in the night when Mummy is back on the clock?

Tired … super tired. I gave you the dummy hoping that would settle you back to sleep, the dummy in which you never have unless Mummy is too tired to try anything else. It calmed you but didn’t send you back into slumber.

4:30 am. Cries, chatting, I tried to rock you, you can’t stand to be rocked in a baby cradling position so you are held upright against my chest whilst I hold your head and pat your bottom, you proceeded to grab and play with my nose and my hair.

I took you to our bed and laid down with you on me. Tummy to tummy. You were so content. A few pats and strokes down your back and you were asleep. I laid there for 20 mins, almost snoozing myself. I didn’t want to put you down.

5:00 am. I placed you in your cot to hopefully get another hour or so. You ended up waking ready to start your day at 7:45 am.

Thank you.

You give the best cuddles and I adore the way you snuggle into me. Daddy gets upset as you don’t cuddle him the way you do me, I secretly love that you and I share that bond.

Now tomorrow morning 7:45 am would be fabulous for your first wake up.

Thanks hunni.


  1. As i was reading, I was thinking "I wonder if she'd sleep in your bed" and then I got to the end and saw that she did! Ashley went through a stage where she would pretty much only sleep with me or on our bed so at naptime i'd lay her down next to me, get her to sleep, surround her with pillows (in case she moved) and then go and do housework.

    You have to do what you have to do to keep yourself sane!

    1. Definitely ... I really loved it even thought it was 4:30am. She was so content and what Mumma doesn't love cuddles.
      She fell asleep after one of her feeds yesterday so I carried her to our bed as I was hanging for a nap (never happens), she woke when i put her down, I was so bummed, I was ready for a nice nap together .. she slept in her cot though so I still managed to get my snooze!!

    2. Aww at least you still got your snooze!