Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Catch Up

The past few days seemed to have all rolled into one. I don’t feel as though my head is even attached to my shoulders.

I am super tired and currently suffering from leg cramps in my left leg – too many nightmares are flooding back when I was 7-8 mths pregnant and having to pace up and down the kitchen to try and relieve my cramping legs.

I have been feeling guilty each day this week as I have wanted to jot down so many blog entries but unfortunately at the end of each day I just want to watch some TV, unwind and crawl into bed. So tonight I’m providing you with a quick update with what has been going on in the Jagger home.

Last Friday I caught up with a girlfriend of mine who I met through work. We have been friends for 6+ years now and she is 13 weeks away from welcoming her first little girl into this world. It was non-stop chatter, advice was given, laughs were shared and Sophie got loads of cuddles.

Saturday, I ventured to the gym, a quick 1.4km run on the treadmill and then a pump class. Prior to falling pregnant I was really into my fitness. This doesn’t mean I would calorie count but I certainly loved going to the gym after a day in the office. I am slowly getting back into it. A routine though has been increasingly difficult to form. Sophie unfortunately had a few nights post Easter of waking through the night, after so long of full night’s sleep this definitely threw me.

After seeing what I have to wear to my brother’s wedding at the end of this year, I think this routine needs some attention.

Sunday I was here, there and everywhere. I ventured up to the hills of Perth with Soph, Ma & Pa. I grew up in the hills and I always get a sense of nostalgia as I drive up either of the two main roads heading into town. I would move back there in a heartbeat. It is what I know, everything that I loved about my childhood and upbringing is up there.

I then went to visit my cousin with my sister who is heavily pregnant. I have had news tonight that she is in LABOUR !! I then ventured onto the local golf club and met some friends and their beautiful children there for a drink, my friends, not the kids, don’t worry … I don’t support underage drinking. Well … I did support MY underage drinking … but that’s another story.

This week is all about Sophie marking her 4 month birthday. She had her 4 month needles on Monday … OUCH !! Poor thing cried, dropped the bottom lip and had the expression of ‘what on earth did that lady do to me Mummy?’ She was super tired so it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep in my arms.

We went to IKEA & Harbour Town yesterday and she was a little angel for me until we returned home and she proceeded to throw up for 1.5 hours after one of her feeds, this saw me pay our local pharmacy a visit for some baby panadol and Sophie had her first lot of painkillers. This settled her and she had a full night’s sleep.

We had mothers group this morning and I hosted this week, I baked, not much was eaten. I think everyone was too wrapped up in the babies, well that’s what I am hoping anyway. In the afternoon, Sophie and I headed out in the search of a vintage ivory headband. Sophie’s Christening is this Sunday and I would love her to wear a sweet little headband, we had no luck but we did find the sweetest of shoes and tights … photos to come post Christening.

She had another unsettling evening, even taking the dummy to go to sleep which is so unlike her.

Hopefully tomorrow brings a brand new day !!

I am calling it a night with my two squares of dark orange Lindt chocolate .. YUMMY!

Night all … I promise to pay my blog some more love in the coming week ! xx

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  1. I love your stories of Motherhood :)

    I really, truly do!

    I am so glad I discovered this space :)