Friday, 2 December 2011

Patience is a Virtue - Not a statement that exists within me !!

I have never been a patient person.

I was one of those children who would place my Christmas present from Nana and Pop over a steaming kettle to gently open it and then re-stick it down and put it neatly back under the Christmas tree.

I somehow think this trait of mine is doing me no favours in waiting for this baby’s arrival.

I saw my obstetrician yesterday whose first word to me was ‘WOW!’ My response ‘I know, get this baby out of me!’

He stated that he is worried about the size of bubs especially considering it is my first baby, he then offered to book me in for an induction either next week which would be with him or the following week with another obstetrician (he is going away between my 38 & 40th week).

I voiced my concerns towards an induction as they tend to lead towards a c-section, so I suggested that I get a sweep done instead.

He felt bubs and said that his/her head is really low and then proceeded to examine my cervix and swept away.

OK … so I probably should have read more information regarding sweeps prior to suggesting that I be on the receiving end of one.


It was soooo painful !!

This was done at 11:30 yesterday morning … 33 hours later … no baby !

I had a few niggling pains here and there throughout the day yesterday but slept fine last night and woke up to no waters being broken. I have lounged around at home for the majority of today, had a nap, bounced on my fitball, went for a walk and then proceeded to have a curry for dinner.

Rob has gone out with the boys for a friend’s birthday … I told him to keep his phone on him at all times, who knows what might happen.

I know I only have 3 weeks to go but my Dr said that he thinks I’ll come early so now that is all of the info I have circulating through this impatient head of mine. I want this baby to come this weekend … no I want this baby to come NOW !!

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