Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Nursery !!

Bubba Jagger’s fabulous nursery!!

The nursery is now complete after we received the wall sticker in the post. Rob patiently applied it last night and VOILA all is complete.

Some of bubs clothes ...

All that is missing … Our beautiful baby !!


  1. Oh wow, this looks gorgeous! We were so slack before our first was born, we barely got anything together. The computer stayed in the nursery for months and the baby slept in our room!

  2. Gorgeous Jayne, you did well! Not long now. :) xo

  3. Oh huni - It looks divine. You have done such a beautiful job xxx

  4. Thank you ladies ... I feel much more relaxed having it all done.
    Kate, bubs is going straight into the big cot as the nursery is right next to our room so it had to be all finished. Hopefully I will be OK with it not being in a bassinet next to the bed !