Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Excitement Plus!

Today we got to see our beautiful baby on the ultrasound screen. We haven’t had a scan since 19 weeks … that is 17.5 weeks where we have only been able to feel his/her movements.

It was super exciting!!

We were actually told that the images wouldn’t be as clear as our 19 week scan due to the amount of fluid and lack of room in there but we still managed to make out how GORGEOUS this bubba is. Bubs looks very chubby – I mean … check out its foot.

We have been told that bubs is already in the high 7 pounds, I have an appointment with my obstetrician tomorrow morning so we will find out more after we have met with him.

I am hoping that he will be happy to give me a ‘sweep’ to get things moving. I am still very anti towards inductions as I believe the majority of them lead towards a c-section. At least with a sweeping if bubs isn’t ready then it won’t work and I will continue to wait however, if I was to be induced if nothing ends up happening after 12 or so hours they will just want to get bubs out.

We are both feeling super excited about everything now – cannot quite believe that our due date is 3.5 weeks away. The beginning of the pregnancy seemed to last forever, we first found out at 6.5 weeks and the 5.5 weeks that followed were slow and excruciating. We had a scan almost immediately to find out our dates, we then made the decision to have another scan at 10 weeks instead of waiting until the normal 12. With the way that we found out about the loss of our first bubs, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go through the same ordeal so another scan to help put our minds at ease was definitely in order.

The weeks that followed brought a mix of emotions, the first moment of my bump appearing, the first flutter that was felt which then turned into a kick which then turned into OMG my entire belly just moved.

Rob has found it extremely exciting in recent weeks as my belly looks as though it’s going to make me topple over frontwards, I think visualising it has enabled the thought of a baby to become more of a reality for him. He talks to my belly most mornings and evenings and bubs seem to respond to his voice which he loves.

I have finished washing all of the teeny tiny outfits and new PJ’s and supplies have been purchased for the hospital stay.

The final decorating piece has arrived for the nursery too – a gorgeous wall sticker which is a quote, pictures of the nursery to come soon!!

I am just a tad excited … can you tell?! J


  1. Of course you are excited and impatient - but while you are waiting, remember to savour this time. You know you have made it safely this far and can relax a bit. Take a deep breath and enjoy the calm. Very soon you won't have a moment to reflect on anything, so don't wish this time away too much. It will pass all too quickly and then your life will never be the same again.

  2. I agree, enjoy these last 3-4 weeks alone with your hubby, something you won't get back again! Remember a lot of first babies go over the due date and it's tempting to help things along, but babies come when they are ready! Look forward to seeing the nursery :)