Monday, 21 November 2011

25th December ... Where are you?!

I had my first ‘I want this to be over’ day today!

I awoke at 5:20am needing to use the bathroom, of course. I went back to bed but couldn’t get back to sleep as I had a splitting headache and felt like morning sickness had returned so I decided to get up. I watched sunrise and made myself some brekkie around 7, this was after taking 2 panadol which did nothing.

I ended up crawling back into bed at 7:30 and luckily went back to sleep until 9. I definitely needed that extra sleep.

I had a busy day ahead so I soldiered on.

The weather was absolutely beautiful so once I had finished running errands, I came home and Rob and I took Dakota down to the river. We are so fortunate with where we live, walking distance to the beautiful Swan River. The area that we are closest to is extremely tranquil and not a glimpse of a road, Dakota loves it down there and spends the entire time jumping in and out of the water. Definitely the Labrador in her shines through on these walks.

Snapped this today whilst sitting on the bench! Having the time of her life.
Lately we have been driving to a certain spot and walking her from there and taking her off the lead once we hit the water, I just can’t walk what seems like such a short distance.

Today was even worse, we parked the car in the normal spot, Dakota jumped out and away we went. I immediately started getting sharp pulling pains on my right side of my belly, we stopped for a moment and then kept walking very slowly. We ended up sitting on a bench half way instead of ending up at our normal spot as the pulling was just too intense. Dakota didn’t mind, she was in and out of the water still.

We began to walk back and the pain was all of a sudden intensified. I walked ever so slowly back to the car, waddling more than ever. Rob kept suggesting we stop but I just wanted to get to that car so I could sit down again.

Upon returning home, I sat on the lounge to delve into my weekly goss mag only to have my back sting with pain. Rob massaged the area but nothing would take the pain away. I had a bath but still, the pain lingered.

I ended up in tears!

The toll that pregnancy takes on your body is certainly intense.

I tried on a pair of my high heels today … I have my sister’s hens this Saturday and would LOVE to be able to wear heels for it. I am a BIG shoe girl so wearing flats even at 36 weeks pregnant just isn’t an option, especially for her hens do.

This particular pair has a strap around the ankle – I couldn’t even get it done up. I tried on my favourite mushroom patent peep-toe’s only to reveal extreme tightness!!

What is this baby doing to me? After travelling along quite well and everyone telling me that I’m all belly, I feel like my body is no longer mine. My weight gain has protruded around to the back, my legs are puffy, my toes and feet don’t look the same, I can no longer wear my wedding band as it is just too tight and I end up in agony when I try to take it off.

I have loved being pregnant feeling all of bubs’ movements and having the joy and excitement knowing that we have created a little person and I am giving this little bean the beginning to his/her amazing life, however, now, I think I can say I am ready to hold the little bean in my arms instead of in my belly.

I want to experience the joy of knowing if it is a girl or a boy, being able to cuddle him/her and having them as a reward at the end of each sleepless night.

The niggling pains are certainly getting to me and it is safe to say that ‘I am over being pregnant’.

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  1. It gets so tiring towards the end!!!
    Don't worry too much about the weight gain - a lot of it will be fluid (especially if your ankles and feet are getting bigger), and will go a week or two after that beautiful baby is born!
    I always subscribe to the theory that the last few weeks of pregnancy are torture to get you prepared for being uncomfortable and tired when that new baby comes along! That's what got me through those 5 weeks of bedrest with Roo at the end, and the last two weeks of my twin pregnancy!