Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Names ...

Names … how do you choose a name for your unborn child without first seeing their face and knowing that they will have this name for the rest of their lives?!

Since day one we have struggled with names … well more specifically, with boy names.
We have had our girls name picked out since day one but if this bubs happens to be a little bundle of blue, I think he will be nameless.

I have had four boy names bouncing around in my head for some time now … none of which Rob has fallen in love with.

People ask us about our choice of names all the time and certainly don’t mind passing opinion if we say one they don’t like. We have stopped telling people now.

There are so many things you have to consider when choosing a child’s name.

Will it suit them for both childhood and adulthood?!

Does it go with their surname?!

What rhymes with it?! Will they be teased because of a nickname that comes out of it?!

I definitely think having a surname beginning with J makes it all the more difficult. There are so many J names that I love … yes my name is Jayne therefore I am Jayne Jagger, but this was not out of choice, I always said that I would take my husband’s name when I got married and that I did. I got JJ from a lot of my colleagues because of this.

So as we hit the 35 week and 4 day mark, we are still trying to make one of the biggest decisions within this process.

Did you fall in love with a name as soon as you found out that you were expecting? Did it take some convincing for your partner to love it too? Or did you have a favourite letter that you just had to use as the beginning letter?


  1. We had names in our head but both of us found it hard to agree on one boy name let alone 2 when we found out we were having another baby boy! :) I found there is always going to be someone that doesn't like it & will always have something to say and you just have to ignore those people! I did the same & in the end only told family our thoughts. Blake we were pretty set on that name but had a few others & wanted to see what he looked like but said Blake straight away when he was born. Aidan we didn't have much of an idea, we had about 3 names & just decided to wait & see when he was born. I remember when he was minutes old & they asked if we had a name & I said no but Scott straight away said Aidan & after seeing him I agreed. We both liked the name Aidan but have a friend called Aidan so that made us think twice about the name but in the end we liked it & we think it suits him :) I obviously love our kids names & with the last name Smith I think they will have the nickname Smithy anyway haha. I don't think it's fair for mothers to say 'oh I hate that name' or 'why would you call your child that' when most of us found this very hard to decide & it would be a very boring world if we all had the same kids names! And for people that don't have kids well I hope they understand it isn't easy & your not going to please everyone but I'm not going to name my child something different cause you don't like it... I think you've just got to go with the name that comes into your head when you first see him & if it's a girl well all this worry if for nothing well until the next one ;) If you guys like the name that's all that matters. I know you've already had peoples opinions from pregnancy & now names but I must warn you it gets worse... everyone will have a say in how to raise your kids but just go with how you feel. You will always know what's best, that's for sure :) So go with what you & Rob feel is a good name & you can't go wrong! :) haha wow a bit of a novel... sorry! xx

  2. Hi Jayne,
    Its a tough call! I let Josh choose our names. Very out of character for me as I don't let him choose anything else. I have felt so close to both babies carrying them around I wanted to give him some special part. I do like the names, they just wouldn't have been my first choice. There are so many great names, once you choose one it will feel perfect. Goodluck!! Hayley xxxxx

  3. My husband chose Tristan (he liked it from Legends of the Falls) from the get-go and I loved it. But for girls we had NO idea, although I had a few I loved and Lowan hated and vice versa, we agreed on not one. Good thing we had a boy. :)

  4. We told no one the names of our children before they were born. I think people have an opinion on a name before it belongs to someone that they might not have once it does... x