Sunday, 27 November 2011

Wonderful Weekend - Family ... Hens Day Fun ... More Family !

My eldest sister flew down from Karratha to Perth on Thursday afternoon so we made our way straight to our parents’ home as we knew that’s where Claire, the missing sister in our trio, was there.

I asked Claire to help me with lifting something heavy from the boot of my car – as I opened the door, Tan jumped out!! Was such a fabulous surprise.

Let the fun begin!

We had our first summer BBQ that night with Mum, Dad, Tan, Claire & Rob too. Friday rolled around and the three of us headed to the shops to find outfits for the big hens day on Saturday. We caught up with one of our cousins, two aunties, our Dad’s cousin and his wife all for lunch then the shopping began.

My shopping efforts were very successful, a gorgeous ruffle trimmed Kookai top, beaded flats (for the ol’ pregnant one) and coral coloured drop earrings. We finished the arvo off with pedicures.

I returned home and proceeded to finish off a few crafty things for the hens day, we ordered Thai and had a relaxing night.

Hens day fun!

We all got ready together at Mum and Dads and at 12:45 us, along with Claire’s bridesmaids and her two soon to be sister-in-law’s piled on into the fabulous limo ready for an afternoon of champagne. We spent the afternoon at the Leftbank in Fremantle overlooking the water. We played a few games and everyone got merry.

I retired at 6:30 and the girls partied on. Unfortunately the partying didn’t quite go to plan as many drinks had been shared and most venues wouldn’t allow a group of girls on a hens night out into their venue.

I came home to my hubby and we watched ‘Bad Teacher’.

I woke up with the worst headache on Sunday … pregnancy headaches are as bad as hangover headaches. We went and got take away coffee and muffins and came home and lazed about before I headed to my parents place. My sister-in-law and my two nephews came over in the afternoon and we had scones with jam & cream. My Dad has been on a baking frenzy of late – the latest recipe to master is his Mum’s scones. Every Saturday afternoon he makes a chocolate oat slice, muffins and now scones have been added to the list. It is very cute and I think it reminds him so much of his childhood which is why he loves doing it so much.

My gorgeous nephew Cooper - doing what he does best ... pulling out all of Grandpa's CDs.
Dad's second attempt at scones ... MUCH better than his first!!
All in all – it was a fabulous weekend, I must admit, I am glad the hens has passed and I can take some time to relax. I have started washing all of bubs clothes today and have half cleaned the house, grocery shopping and the rest of the cleaning will be ticked off by the end of the day!

I have linked in with Sonia from Life, Love & Hiccups. This is Sonia’s first time at a linky with fellow bloggers … check her out. She will not disappoint.


  1. Love a good hen's do but it is also nice to retire at a civilised hour. Shame you still had to pay with a headache even though you hadn't been drinking!

  2. How gorgeous are all of you lovely ladies. i love a good Hens night, but even better - one that ends without a huge hangover.
    You are absolutely glowing hun!

    Thanks for linking up and for the lovely shout out:) xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend - given me a craving for scones now!!! I was at a hens the week before last (we did life drawing in Northbridge then limo to Leederville). The only place that let us group of girls in was Lucky Double and it had half price cocktails! I grew up at the leftback was my old haunting back in the day.. havent been there in a few years even though I live about 5 minutes away from it!!

  4. A BIG welcome to Nee & Yvette.

    Nee - Headache was a shocker ... thank god for coffee I say!

    Sonia - Thank you, you are too sweet, I actually can't stand any of the photos of me hence the reason for no close up ones. Am feeling VERY puffy!!

    Yvette - a fellow Perthian!! I'm sure Claire wishes she knew about Double Lucky, however she certainly didn't need any half price cocktails by that stage ha ha!!

  5. What a beautiful family weekend with a hen night thrown in so happy to find your lovely blog, i'm over from life love and hiccups link up. I'm now following so nice ti find new friends to catch up with on blogger. Hope you can visit me some time if you get a chance. Look forward to visiting you again have a wonderful day my friend.

    Always Wendy

  6. Looks like an ideal weekend. i watched bad teacher last week too.. what did you thik of it? I just couldn't get past the fact that Justin and Cameron used to date in real life and it must have been really awkward!!!