Monday, 7 November 2011

33 Weeks & 1 Day - Hello Bubba Jagger!

Today is the 7th November 2011, it is currently pouring with rain, even in the final month of Spring, it is still VERY wet. Your Daddy has been working all day, I saw your Grandma this morning, have done some washing, tidying, food shopping and caught up on my weekly goss by relaxing with a few liquorice allsorts and the OK magazine.

Today, bubba Jagger, you are 6 weeks and 6 days away from meeting us, your Mummy and Daddy.

We already love you so much.

You have been moving around A LOT more lately which hasn’t been entirely comfortable for me but I rarely complain, your movements reassure me that you’re doing OK in there and that I have set up a nice home for you.

I spent the weekend down south at Uncle Gavin & Aunty Nikkii’s, celebrating your cousin Brodie’s 5th birthday. Uncle Gavin and Grandpa felt their first kicks from you. They are both convinced that you are a small bundle of blue. We will just have to wait and see.

I am definitely on the countdown to meet you. I must admit I am feeling a little anxious, more so about not knowing when you are going to decide to make your amazing entrance, bringing you home is a happy and exciting feeling. I just can’t wait to be able to hold you and gaze at you for hours on end and take in your smell, your little features and all of your quirks.

You have so many friends and family who are waiting in anticipation to meet you. I think Aunty Tania will be upset if you decide to make an appearance prior to her flying down to Perth. She is super excited and cannot wait to hold you.

Aunty Claire & Grandma are putting on a baby shower for Mummy this Sunday. All of my closest friends and family will be there to spoil you before they even meet you. Told you there are a lot of people waiting to see your gorgeous face.

Your nursery is almost complete. I decided to try my luck at arts and crafts and have decorated 2 x canvases to hang on the wall. I must admit I am quite happy with the outcome – they add just the right amount of colour and I am sure you will love looking at them each time your nappy gets changed.

Stay cosy in your current home – there are still a few weeks to go.

Love Mummy!


  1. oh I remember so well the countdown to D Day. Enjoy this time hun - I know you probably want it to come quickly, but take the time to yourself to enjoy every blissful moment in the build up.
    Can't wait for you - I am super excited! xx

  2. Jayne, I remember this like it was YESTERDAY!

    Enjoy the last weeks, I'll be thinking of you every day of those weeks, & can't wait for your bundle of pink's arrival (I believe it's a girl - I'm just putting it out there, haha!).

    Lots of love xx

  3. Sonia - I am trying to take as much time for me and us (hubby included) as possible. I'm so glad I stopped working at 32 weeks. I am loving having you among others follow my journey to motherhood. xx

    Cherie - Thank you hun. Your comment means a lot. Ooh pink really .. you are certainly in the minority when it comes to what sex bubs is. Because so many people are leaning more towards blue we will probably get a big shock and will be announcing that a little princess has entered the family.
    I really appreciate you commenting - I read your disclaimer earlier (am yet to comment) .. Perhaps all blogs need one. There will always be one in the crowd that feels as though they have to ruin it for everyone else. I'm ssoooooo glad you didn't shut your blog down!!
    You tell em' girl! xx

  4. Wow Jayne. Such a lovely blog. Reminds me so much of having my first - and that was over 18 years ago! Still have wonderful memories xxxx

  5. Jayne, I still love the smell of my son's cheek (he is 10) and smell and kiss his face every night when he sleeps. That baby smell is the best.

    Not long now until you get to meet your mysterious little passenger. :) xo

  6. Mysterious little passenger ... I LOVE this Peggy!! Too cute!