Monday, 14 November 2011

Baby Shower Fun !!

Such a fabulous day !!

I celebrated my baby shower yesterday with my closest family and friends and I had a beautiful afternoon.

My sister and my Mum went to so much effort with the organising. A few girlfriends put on the games and one AMAZING girlfriend did the majority of the sweet treats – she went above and beyond.

I am so grateful to all of them for what they did.

A friend of ours makes the most divine cakes so of course Claire, my sister contacted her for the baby shower cake. It was simply gorgeous which I’m sure you will agree.

How gorgeous is that carriage?! Of course there were baby themed blue and pink cupcakes ...

There were balloons.
Beautiful gerberas adorned the kitchen window sill.
Cant have sweet treats at a baby shower without the themed napkins.
We had cute little lollipops as favours for all of the girls.

Bubs certainly got spoilt.

Of course we played the 'string' game.

Two of bubs' 6 aunties.

Bubs' Grandma Jagger & Grandma McCarthy.

I allowed Rob to hang around at the start so we could get a photo together he he! Mummy and Daddy to be ...

And of course with Aunty Claire ... the fabulous organiser!

It was so nice to have an afternoon where everyone was together at the one time and I could spend time with them all. I’m sure even though I still have 6 weeks to go … it will go extremely quickly and we will have a bubba at home before we know it.

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  1. It looks like a fabulous Baby Shower. So glad you had such a wonderful time. xx