Saturday, 12 November 2011

Appreciation !

Friday afternoon … my darling husband finished up work for the week and proceeded to get stuck into his second job … finishing jobs around the house. I don’t think Rob would ever survive not renovating.

You see, it’s my baby shower today so A LOT needed to be tidied up. He had started building a screen next to the deck to block out his work shed tick then the step going from our French doors to the deck had to be finished tick back and front lawns needed to be mowed tick weed matting and wood chips needed to be put down in one section of the back yard tick and the garden just generally cleaned up tick.

He promised that it would all get done and he certainly pulled through.

Rob is such a hard working person … he may procrastinate with getting certain jobs done but it is only due to him being a perfectionist and wanting it to be right for the two of us.

I appreciate him so much and am eternally grateful for everything that he does for us as a family.

Well considering my shower is today and our doggie needs a good run and my floors need to be vacuumed and mopped – I best get on with it.

There will be no doubt two posts today – baby shower adventures to be blogged tonight !!

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  1. He is a winner Jayne, I don't even know the guy but I love him!