Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thank you fellow bloggers ...

I didn’t quite know what I was aiming to obtain from becoming a blogger.

I wrote my first blog post exactly 7 weeks ago today. Since then I have discovered the following:

-       Blogging allows me to have ‘me’ time
-       It allows me to share my thoughts / feelings / adventures with people who may be looking for a light read / laugh or perhaps they see something within what I write which in turn helps them
-       I have been able to become a part of some amazing women’s lives. All who are Mums but have different circumstances. Full time workers / Stay at home Mums / Mum to a toddler or a Mum to 3 young boys. Each who provide something different.
-       The blogging world is not a community filled with strangers but with friends

I have loved ‘meeting’ these women and I look forward to the many more amazing Mums out there who I hope to ‘meet’ along the way.

I wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all of you. I really believe commencing my blogging journey in the final stage of pregnancy has given me a sense of calmness and reality.

All of your comments and well wishes stay with me long after the words are read from the screen and I can’t wait to share my journey into motherhood with you.



  1. Well the feeling goes both ways. we all gained a gorgeous new friend the day you started blogging and I can't wait to follow your adventures with bub :) xx

  2. And the blogosphere is an even nicer place with you in it Jayne. :)

  3. Jayne, this is beautiful, & SO.VERY.TRUE of blogging, & its benefits.

    I wish I found it sooner into my Mothering journey ...

    It gives you the honesty I've struggled to find in the 'real world'.