Monday, 14 November 2011

Drama ! Drama ! Drama !

Well the last two days have certainly been interesting.

My sister is set to be married on the 17th December. Less than 5 weeks away.

My sister over the last few weeks has become quite unhappy with her choice of dress. She has been getting it made, and has loved choosing the material and each step in the process.

Until last week.

We went for her dress fitting and the dress was in an almost complete form. She tried it on and unfortunately it just wasn’t what she had first requested. It fit her body in a way that she wasn’t expecting.

Perhaps some background knowledge is required here … my sister has suffered with self-esteem and body issues since around the age of 12. This has been an ongoing battle for her and us as a family.

She never envisioned getting married nor did she envision feeling beautiful in a wedding dress having A LOT of people focused on her for one day.

This moment has come due to her meeting the man of her dreams … he is simply amazing and they are perfect for each other.

Once my sister gets something in her head, nothing will change her mind.

Trying to tell her that the dress she is having made is perfect and she looks gorgeous just doesn’t work. She made a decision to enter a bridal store yesterday to try on dresses to see what other styles suited her, this was then going to help her discuss her options with the dressmaker, perhaps some slight tweaks would mean that she would end up loving her dress.


She tried on a dress and fell in love. The dress is simply amazing and is definitely something we all thought she would wear from day one.

She contacted her dressmaker to discuss her options who became quite frustrated with her. Said that she would discuss it further with her this afternoon when us bridesmaids had our fitting scheduled. In the hours that followed, my sister received an email … the dressmaker was completely withdrawing her services, not just for the wedding dress but bridesmaid dresses too.

So with less than 5 weeks to go, my sister has ordered a new wedding dress and we need to go shopping for new bridesmaid dresses.

Yesterday, I am sure you can imagine was a stressful day. Prior to hearing of the dressmakers withdrawn services, we were at the bridal store and my sister and I had an argument and I ended up in tears. She is my best friend, I have been there for her through every up and down, namely more downs, and I was just so upset for her that she had this amazing dress being made and she didn’t feel beautiful in it and now she had found another dress which made her feel simply amazing but it was going to cost her A LOT if she decided to order this one and cancel the other one.

I didn’t have a quick solution for her – I was worried for how this would all turn out, I was extremely tired and feeling every bit my 34 week pregnant emotions, I proceeded to burst into tears.

We had a minor argument and I came home and cried to my worried husband who just held me.

It doesn’t take long for the two of us to make up – I must admit the arguments between us used to be quite frequent, I hated seeing her sick, I hated seeing her treat her body the way that she did and I hated the person that her issues turned her into. She has come such a long way and I am so proud of her for this.

To know that she wasn’t feeling beautiful about the most important day in her life was terrible to watch.

I will continue to update on the wedding … im sure the next few weeks will be a rollercoaster ride of events!


  1. Oh, you're so beautiful! & I can't see the problem, or why you argued, you come from a place of love & the very best of intentions :)

    But sisters do argue, especially whilst 34 weeks pregnant & having wedding stresses to deal with respectively :)

    Hope all is kissed & made up!

    So much love xx

  2. Oh my gosh Jayne! You poor things! I can totally understand where she's coming from and also how you're feeling. Hope it all works out on the day...xx