Tuesday, 20 March 2012

3 Months

As you drift off to sleep, your lips curl up and you smile to yourself … I love to think of all the amazing things you must be dreaming about.

You love being outside … if you are unsettled, as soon as you are taken out into the garden, you are calm and content. We love this about you.

The same goes with water … shower or bath, you love it!

Play time – when you are bored with being held, we put you on your play mat and a toy from IKEA sits over you … you talk non-stop to the coloured wooden pieces hanging over you, getting so excited each time you spot a different component. Your little legs do bicycle movements.

You are slowly getting better at tummy time, Mummy now uses a rolled up towel to help you and this has definitely helped.

The smile that appears on your face when Mummy or Daddy goes into your room once you have woken is the most beautiful thing … it certainly brightens my day!

You love to talk … clearly taking after Mummy already.

Mummy took you to Church for the first time yesterday. I want to be able to instil the same values and traditions that I grew up with. You were so well behaved and you received your first blessing from the priest.

You have found your hands, the moment that I spotted you staring at them with this confused look on your face, you brought them closer to your face then pushed them out again in absolute awe of what you were witnessing. Lately you are choosing your hands over your dummy, they are getting sucked on time and time again.

Daddy does break beats and makes dance music noises to you which you find absolutely hilarious. We both want you to appreciate all types of music just like we do.

You are starting to get a bald patch on the sides of your head where you lie the most but you still have a great amount of your gorgeous red hair at the base of your little head.

Your eyes are still blue … I wonder if they will change.

You love your food, you have started to use your hand almost like you are helping me put the bottle into your mouth, it actually gets in the way of me getting the teat properly in but it is super cute watching you try.

You only sleep for either 40 mins or an hour for your day naps but you sleep through the night .. Mummy LOVES your 6am wake ups, I’ll take short day naps over broken night sleep any day.

The past 3 months have gone by so quickly … I can’t wait to watch you grow over the next 3 months.

Love Mummy


  1. Congratulations Jayne, another little milestone and my goodness, doesn't it go quickly!? She sounds just divine and you are so fortunate she sleeps through - mine were 10.5 months and 12 months before they did!

    Hope the next three months (and forever...) are just as wondrous.

  2. This is so cute jayne- it's like a letter to her!