Monday, 16 January 2012

4 Weeks New ...

Motherhood …

Just some of the emotions I have felt over the past 4 weeks.

Our first week spent at home, apart from the breastfeeding, was incredible. Sophie was an angel, hardly cried, if at all, slept during the day, fed every 3-4 hours and I was only getting up once perhaps twice during the night.

I think she was still re-fuelling after playing her role during the labour.

The past week has seen a different side. Her lungs have been getting a small workout and sleeps during the day … pfft … what 4 week old needs them. She has been feeding every 2 hours during the day, sometimes becoming unsettled only after 1.5 hours and the fact that she drains both boobs and takes around an hour to do this, it doesn’t leave Mummy with much time to do anything else.

Thank god for Foxtel !

Her night time routine is still amazing, I’m still only getting up once, sometimes twice with her so the fact that I’m getting some decent sleep at night certainly helps but the days have become so draining.

The last couple of days have been a lot better as she has decided that day sleeps are her thing again. I honestly don't know how Mums out there cope when they have a screaming child constantly. The only time Sophie's cries become too much to handle is when she is really hungry. Put that boob into her mouth and she is one happy child again.
I spoke to friends who have been in the same boat and they all said as long as she is putting on weight then everything should be fine and really I thought about it, if she is getting plenty of sleep and a couple of brilliant feeds through the night, it makes sense she would want to eat like crazy during the day. Small price to pay if I am getting a decent sleep at night-time.

Yesterday, she decided that two decent blocks of sleep the night before were not enough and decided sleeping for the majority of the day and purely waking for her feeds was a good idea – this was her lying next to me on the lounge …

Being a Mum is an incredible journey …sitting all day is a very tiring exercise, this leaving me to not accomplish much else except for feeding. I don’t nap every day as I find myself lying next to her with my eyes wide open taking in every inch of her beauty, recording each facial expression, admiring the rise of her chest with each breath she takes. The pain felt when not only an almighty cry is heard but witnessing the quiver of her bottom lip, this hurts me to no end. To think that she was inside my tummy only weeks ago where I was feeling her feet kicking me, now I get to touch and tickle them and drool over her tiny little toes. Surreal is a feeling that I don’t think will ever go away.

This journey is one that I am so proud of starting … so proud of what we have created … so proud of the job that we’re doing so far … above all … so proud of Sophie !


  1. She is just gorgeous Jayne, of course you wouldn't sleep in the day when you have her to look at!!

    My sons were both similar to sophie-only woke briefly at night for feeds and then didn't sleep as much during the day.

    Sounds as though you are all getting to know each other beautifully. And isn't it strange to think only a few weeks ago she was yet to be born! x

  2. Thanks Kate. We are absolutely loving it ... Amazing how easy it has been settling into my new role! I feel so lucky to feel so at ease with it!