Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bedroom Make-Over Time!

I have wanted to re-decorate our bedroom for some time now but I guess with adding a newborn to our little family, this task has proved difficult.

Rob, Sophie and I ventured to Harbour Town yesterday seeking bargains and with this I thought Adairs should be paid a visit.

Rob is not like your average hubby … he actually takes an interest in what the home looks like – interior wise – I couldn’t even purchase curtains for Soph’s nursery without his approval. Trust me – this is not a good thing. It drives me insane.

The visit to Adairs should have perhaps taken place when I went to Harbour Town alone, without said hubby.

Each doona cover I picked up, there was a resounding NO. Rob is in love with the hotel look, a heavy thread count cotton sheet and plain, plain & more plain is what he is after. After much discussion he managed to talk me into buying a plain white doona cover … on one condition that I could buy coloured cushions for the perfect amount of pop for the room. As I was choosing my cushions Rob became involved in this decision too where I kindly asked him to take a back seat.

We left Adairs with a new hotel looking white doona cover and 3 different sized cushions in green and latte colours, I just so happen to have a latte coloured throw which will look gorgeous thrown over the end of the bed.

Upon returning home I left the bags in the boot of the car and thought I actually don’t want to do up our room just yet … one small problem! I can’t stand our bed!

When Rob and I first met, Rob owned a king size futon bed, unfortunately when we moved into our newly renovated home together, the bedroom just wasn’t going to fit the king size, so we had to downsize. Rob’s brother kindly leant us a queen size bed frame which he had in storage, this was meant to be a temporary solution until we purchased our own. 4 years on, this purchase hasn’t been made.

It is a man’s bed !!

It sits a lot taller than your average bed, it has thick square wooden posts and a wrought iron bed head which sits way too high and a smaller version of this at the foot of the bed. The fact that we already have a small room, having this bed in here doesn’t help.

So as I was feeding Soph at 5:30am this morning, I began to peruse Gumtree on the trusty iPhone – I don’t know how breastfeeding mothers survived before the iPhone – I stumbled across a gorgeous white queen size bed. Brand new, being sold as seconds straight from the factory because of 2 hair line cracks … only $250.

I don't like talking figures but who wouldn't be happy at that price ... BARGAIN!!

I have contacted the seller and it is still available, I showed Rob a photo and he loved it – thank god – hopefully we will make time prior to the end of the week to have a look at it, if all goes to plan, this weekend will be bedroom re-decorating time!

How can I not want to decorate after oohing and aahing over this photo on Pinterest ...

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