Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Time ... What is That Again?

Routine … Organised … On Time …

Definitely not terms that are associated with a newborn.

It is amazing to have such a small being enter the world who is completely dependent on you. You are also dependent on them.

You plan to leave the house at a certain time only for little miss to be all sweaty down the back after lying in her bassinet so you change her, then she is sick all on her newly changed outfit so you take that outfit off and lie her in the middle of your bed just with a nappy on whilst you gather together another new outfit from her bursting at the seams newborn wardrobe, you return to the bedroom to witness her filling her nappy so you wait whilst she finishes her business only to discover that her nappy has become slightly loose and her pee pours through the sides onto the doona cover, through the cover onto the doona…


Doona is now off the bed ready to be dropped at the drycleaners … doona cover has been washed … AND … we got to Grandma & Grandpa’s an hour later than planned.

Oh the life of a new mum !! :)

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