Friday, 14 October 2011

Birthing Journey Begins ..

We attended our first antenatal class on Wednesday evening, the first of 3.

I felt in no way intimidated or scared by attending, and I am happy to say that I am still feeling confident about the ‘big day’.

We had another Christmas Day due date, a Christmas Eve, New Years Eve. It was so nice to know that other expectant Mums were joining me in terrible timing.

I find it funny when people ask me what our due date is, as soon as I say ‘Christmas Day’ I get the look.

The look of ‘oh poor you’ and ‘well you didn’t time that very well did you’. I have learnt since falling pregnant that people don’t have a care in the world when they pass comment or opinion. They don’t know whether our pregnancy was planned, whether it was and it took months to happen, they don’t know whether I am feeling scared or confident about the journey so far. They just want to get their opinion out and then walk away not knowing how they have left you feeling.

Our pregnancy was planned, a part of our married lives I never thought would incur such heart ache.

Everyone’s journey to pregnancy is a different one, I don’t envy those that happened on the first try and I don’t feel joyous when I hear of others taking months and months. At the end of the day we are all wanting one thing, to become parents and when that moment happens, it will be as exciting for me as it is for the person who was lucky to begin that journey on the first go.

The main topic of this week’s class was ‘Pain Relief’. We learnt about epidurals, pethidine, the stages of labour and at which stage which pain relief option can be used. At this moment in time, I am all for an Active Birth. By active, I mean drug free, yes perhaps a little gas but the thought of an epidural certainly does not excite me.

I have made this decision based on the fact I want to be present during all stages of labour, I want to feel what my body wants to do, I would prefer to push when my body tells me to.

Don’t worry – I definitely have a backup plan! AN EPIDURAL !!

I told Rob that this whole theory may jump out the window the second I feel my first contraction, he just has to go along with what I say on the day. Fingers crossed he holds up his end of the bargain.

What were your birthing plans? Did you have one and did they last the distance?


  1. Good luck Jayne!

    I HATE how people feel they have the right to give their opinions so freely. And I found it continued when you became a Mother. You just have to be strong, & confident in your own decisions, abilities etc.

    As for my birth plan, I wanted natural, of course.

    But then I went 2 weeks over my due date, had to be induced (i.e stronger contractions), & hours in I was literally begging for the epidural, haha! As long as you have an open mind, I don't think you'll have any troubles.

    And from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best of luck for your baby Jesus :)


  2. My birthing plan was to have my bub as pain free as possible (I am a big baby when it comes to pain and was realistic about that!). I had NO idea how bad contractions really were, I was previously more worried about the baby coming out bit. Then my first contraction hit, and moments later I was stuck to the gas and begging for an epidural. 23 hours of labour later I was high as a kite and totally pain free. And it was worth every single minute or two of pain.

    Whatever you do at the time Jayne will be the right thing for you. I know you, with Rob at your side, will be fine. You're a positive being. xo

  3. Cherie - WOW! 2 weeks over, I don't know how you survived that especially
    giving birth in Summer.

    Peggy - 23 hours, I just can't imagine that. My Mum laboured for around 30
    with me, lets hope the same doesn't happen with me.
    ha ha with Rob by my side ... he faints at the slightest thing, I think he will hit
    the deck before I even start to push! I need a back up support person :)

    I am loving hearing all of the different labour stories, it is amazing how
    different one labour can be to the next.

    I'm sure the next few weeks will go by super fast and I will be able to share my
    story with you both.

  4. Aaahhhh, Jayne, welcome to motherhood. Everyone has an opinion on everything and it never stops. Ever.

    My plan was to have drug-free but if I changed my mind I'd tell people what I wanted. I'm petrified of anything to do with the spine so the thought of an epidural makes me really woozy, even now as I type! My labours were short and didn't need anything in the end.

    So happy you started blogging and so looking forward to following you. Enjoy these last few weeks! x