Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Only the beginning ...

Here I go !!

I have been contemplating becoming the proud owner of a blog for some time now. One of my oldest girlfriends, Kate (katesinmelbourne) started a blog some time ago when she made the big move from Perth to Melbourne. Over the duration of her blog, I have laughed endlessly at her quirky words that she has used to describe her adventures, namely the biggest one, becoming a Mum.

I am currently 29.5 weeks pregnant, with the fabulous (or not-so-fabulous) due date of Christmas Day. I am due to finish work in 2 weeks, leaving me with 8 weeks to sit and enjoy the sunshine and to get my head around the fact that I am only 8 weeks away from my life changing forever. I have now decided what better thing to do to help fill my time than to commence a blog.

I hope to bring you some laughs, offer advice (most likely requesting advice more so than offering) and give you my insight into the beginnings of my new role. A Mummy !

A bit of info ...

I am an organised, clean freak. I am so bad I hate the kettle or the lounge cushions facing the wrong way, I am sure motherhood will change this.

I am a passionate person and dive head first into everything that I do.

I have serious control issues and find it very difficult to let go. I’m sure my colleagues will be happy to see the back of me in a few weeks time.

I grew up in the Perth hills and loved every minute of it, I drive my hubby mad with how much I reminisce about my childhood.

I married my gorgeous hubby, Rob on the 7th March 2009. We moved in together after only 3 months, purchased our first home together in less than 12 months and were engaged after 18 months. It really is true what they say ‘when you know, you know’.

I love to bake and cook, creating a main meal or baking a yummy sweet is something I pride myself on. I’m sure recipes and pics to accompany will be found throughout my posts.

I will be turning 25 in less than two weeks time, looking back, I never thought I would be where I am today by this age.

I hope you drop by some time …

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  1. Lovely start Jayne. I am looking forward to your motherhood and blogging journey. Enjoy! xo