Sunday, 30 October 2011

DIY Sunday

DIY in our home has always been extensive and large jobs. Ever since I can remember. There has never been a weekend where DIY involved small re-paint jobs, hanging a picture, mulching the garden ... our weekends have been Rob building a patio, laying decking, rendering walls, installing fences and the list goes on.

About a week ago our house took a turn for the best ... we now LOVE living here. Instead of looking out our kitchen window to a pile of sand and the thought of where do we begin? We now get to look out to a nice decked alfresco, grass and plants.

The list of jobs is still unravelling but we feel a lot more content and the jobs are definitely not as big as what we have been doing.

So today, considering there was no urgency with finishing off a major job and with me not needing to be at work tomorrow we were able to spend time together, relax and do small DIY jobs.

We lazed about in our front garden, had breakfast on our outdoor lounges, we then went to a local cafe and got a coffee, then went to Bunnings to get a few things. Upon our return home we both did one small job each, which left us enough time to take Dakota for a walk and swim by the river and then spend the arvo with family to help celebrate our niece’s 18th Birthday.

It’s nice knowing that we actually do enjoy spending time together since we have spent the majority of our weekends quite separate whilst Rob renovates.

My DIY job today was applying self adhesive hooks to one of my cubes to neatly display my jewellery. See I told you it was small.

We have built in robes along one wall in our bedroom with cubes down one side. I had a small (cheap & tacky) tree in one of them with my necklaces and bracelets piled over it and it was always a struggle each time I went to take something off to wear. Finally we have neatness, we have user friendly and we have ORGANISATION.

One of my favourite words!

So this is the finished product and I am in LURVE. Took me two seconds to remove a necklace this afternoon to wear out. I removed it from its hook with such joy !!

It really is the small things ...


  1. I am loving reading your blogs honey!! This is a great idea, I also love things like this :) Love Dani

  2. Thanks Hun ... I'm having a lot of fun writing it!! Xx