Saturday, 29 October 2011

Smell of Freedom !

After a very hectic final three days at work, I completed hand over notes, packed up my belongings and signed off.

It is still a very surreal feeling knowing that after working for 8 and a half years, I now have 12 months off. Well if you can call it time off as really I am about to start an entirely different job, one that I believe will be the most rewarding one I have ever worked.

Work gave me a really nice send off and I was completely spoilt.

All of the goodies are already packed away in their new home in the beautiful nursery, which I find myself in every day, admiring the gorgeous white cot, with the knitted blanket hanging over the side hand made with love by Grandma McCarthy, sitting on the chair imagining myself sitting there feeding our little bundle of joy.

I am 32 weeks on Sunday, only 8 weeks to go. We are definitely ready to meet it, we both get giddy with excitement each night when its movements are at their biggest, Rob especially has come to a point where he in himself is aware of the big change that is about to take place and I believe he is ready to begin this amazing new role.

It must be hard for the men to really become aware that their child is growing inside their wife/partner. For us women, we feel everything, from the babies movements, to the little pains and all of the emotions that go with that. The men sit back and watch as the lady in their lives suddenly begins to expand in the mid region and slowly over time as the pregnancy progresses they become more and more in tune with the reality of what is about to happen.

My time off has already been fabulous, realising that not everything has to be done because after all it is Saturday and I want to really be able to enjoy my Sunday as I am back at work Monday so I am going to spend all day cleaning. I have pottered about, had brekkie with Rob ... another brekkie with girlfriends ... shopping ... a long overdue catch up with one of my best friends, she has been living in Newcastle since January and finally came home for a short visit ... dinner with Grandma & Grandpa Jagger ... further wedding prep with Claire, my beautiful sister and bride to be.

Rob and I were able to sit in our front garden and relax listening to music today, certainly a favourite pastime that does not happen near enough.

I now realise that I should have been enjoying life a lot more than what I was – yes I worked full time and only had weekends to clean the house and socialise as well, but the cleaning can definitely wait, there is always tomorrow.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and taking the time to just be with family and friends.

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