Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Nursery !

It is official – Bubba Jagger has a room which also means Mumma Jagger is feeling very relaxed and calm about everything!

We (I say we lightly, this should really state ‘Rob’) have been renovating for around 4 years. We bought an older home on a great size block that needed A LOT of work. When we brought my parents through it prior to making the big purchase, my Dads words were ‘you can’t go wrong, a paint and prosper’, we still hold him to this.

It has involved removing an asbestos roof, replacing it with a nice new colour bond roof, exterior rendered, walls on the inside knocked out, new walls being built, new plumbing, new electrical work, concrete slabs jack hammered up ready for new wooden floor boards, plus so much more. That is just the house – we have landscaped too.

Rob loves to do everything himself hence the reason the reno has been one of the longest reno’s in history. He is extremely clever but is also a perfectionist so it takes him forever to make a decision about what is going to be done and then we move onto how it is going to be done.

With this I would hope that you understand my joy and excitement when yesterday afternoon Rob announced ‘the nursery is finished’ ... aahhh sweet relief.

This room was the study – we had a large jarrah desk go from wall to wall therefore once this was removed we had bolt holes in the wall, there had never been skirting boards put on and the back of the door had never been painted so there was definitely work to be done.

Rob filled all the holes and sanded these down – put skirting boards around the room, sanded down the window sill and frames (we are replacing the windows as the wood has definitely aged so 2 new windows and new glass is still needed), door was painted, walls were painted and skirting boards were painted and VOILA ... we have a new tidy room ready for bubs.

I am definitely not one to wait around once something like this has happened so Rob and I spent our Saturday night building nursery furniture.

The room still needs artwork on the walls and once bubs is born we will add more colour – don’t want to go crazy on the blue or pink just yet, but even at this stage it looks amazing and we are in LOVE.

This is it so far ... we have built in robes across the opposite wall with cubes going down one side, they are now filled with little teddies I have collected over the past couple of years and each has a special meaning.

Also here is a little snippet of our reno’s ... we are coming to an end, the backyard has been the final stage and that just needs some tweaking. The list has definitely not ended but at least the major areas are complete.

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  1. Just beautiful ...

    All of it!

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful :)

    Well done! xx