Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fear ... Oh there you are !

 Why cupcakes?! Cupcakes always make me feel better !

D-Day may be here a lot sooner than I had thought!

I saw my Obstetrician yesterday morning and well the appt certainly wasn’t the usual 5 minute check-up ... yes everything is fine ... no there are no concerns.

It started with having my weight checked and my blood pressure taken. I had put on yet another 3 kilos, my last appt was only 4 weeks prior. This brings my total weight gain up to 10 kilos. It isn’t a huge amount but I do still have 10 weeks to go, who knows what number I’ll be facing at the end of this.

My Dr. Started to examine me and said once again “its definitely a good baby”. I told him this wasn’t the first time he had said this so it must mean one thing ... i’m carrying a BIG baby!

It is certainly no 6 pounder!

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

I casually asked if he is in favour of inductions or whether he has a plan up his sleeve when he knows his patients are carrying larger than normal babies, to which he replied yes, we do a scan at 38 weeks.

Slight problem with this – he is away from my 38 week point onwards. I queried this which made him look over my notes, his leaving comments were “I think you will have this baby before I even go away”.

So there you have it – i’m piling on the kilo’s rather quickly and I am carrying a larger than normal baby which means:

  1. I will be induced earlier than my due date – goodbye 10 week countdown and hello 7 week countdown (my guess).
  2. I will end up having a c-section.

Within seconds of leaving my Dr’s office, the fear had started to kick in.

“I really don’t have as long as I thought”
“This baby has to come out and it’s up to me to push it out”
“I am not as prepared as what I once thought”
“What on earth do you do with it once the baby is out, will I know when to feed it and change it”

I still have moments where I am insanely happy about the pending arrival of this little human being that we as a couple have created, where I long to cuddle it, to see what it is (we chose not to find out the sex), to see who it looks like but these moments are certainly getting shorter and shorter.

Women have babies every day – I’ll be fine. Right?! Right?!


  1. lol, oh my goodness.

    Ok, my best friend had a baby on Sunday. She was told her baby was 11 pounds at her 38 week scan. She was ... shaking at the thought of delivering this baby.

    Baby was born. They were SO wrong.

    Natural delivery. Little baby. Silly doctors :)

    Why do they do this to anxious soon-to-be-Mum's.

    Oh, & 10 kilos, my goodness.

    Let's just say, I gained a LOT more. You have obviously eaten so well, & pregnancy very obviously agrees with you :)

    Good luck, you're going to be amazing :)

    You'll know exactly when you need to feed/change it xox

  2. hun u will be amazing and yes u will know what to do it may take a few times of doing the wrong thing or just going round n round in circles trying everything and then u member ooppps maybe i should change this lil thing or its a bit red maybe its hot haha but its ok they dont member and then in a few hrs or even minutes it starts again hehe xxx

  3. WOW Cherie ... 11 pounds! I would have been shaking at the thought as well, your poor friend to have gone through all of those thoughts and worries, at least her labour was a breeze in comparison to what it could have been ha ha!

    ha ha thanks Megs !! You always know how to make me laugh! xx