Monday, 6 February 2012

Back to Day One !

I have decided that my new role is like attending school gaining an education without a teacher present and Sophie, she is my subject.

One day I think I have mastered it only to find the next day the formula’s I had solved yesterday don’t seem to be adding up today.

Sophie was 7 weeks old yesterday and for 7 weeks I have had trouble with my milk supply and Sophie’s day sleeps. I am a very stubborn person, I would have Rob and my Mum telling me that 2 hourly feeds weren’t right and that she should be sleeping more during the day, I would listen but I wouldn’t act. I was determined to find the solution on my own, I was determined to persist with breastfeeding and I was determined to think that I wasn’t doing the wrong thing.

The last couple of weeks on and off have become increasingly difficult … Sophie is not a screamer but the throwing up post feeds was increasing, not to mention the hiccups, coughing, sneezing, constant feeding and fussing on the boob.

When we had her 6 week check up with my child health nurse last week she had only gained 100gms in one week so she raised her concern and I finally realised that her day feeds were taking over my life. Feeding for over 40 mins and having a 70 minute break to then feed again was not fun. I met with a Lactation Consultant this morning where we discussed her routine and then I fed Sophie, we weighed her prior to the feed and again post feed to discover she only took 70mls from me. I then expressed and only got 6mls.

Clearly not enough milk!

Clearly not a proper feed – no wonder she isn’t sleeping!

So I am back to expressing after each feed and topping her up with expressed milk. This certainly isn’t the best option long term but hopefully it helps my milk supply. After two feeds it is already helping Soph. She slept for over an hour after the first top up feed and she is currently sleeping again and has been for the past 45 mins. I didn’t even have to rock her or go in and put the dummy back in.

Full feed = no settling required!

I know the expressing isn’t much fun but if it means she sleeps more and goes longer between feeds I will have more time to myself, more time to do things around the house and more time to do this … blogging !!

Motherhood … constantly discovering and learning new things each and every day.


  1. Yes, motherhood is one loooong learning experience. Lactation consultants are fabulous. So glad things seems to be getting sorted x

  2. I am definitely learning that ... thinking I may have to do half and half now as I am not even managing to express enough to top her up with. It is amazing the difference a full feed makes, we have an angel baby so some formula feeds during the day may just have to happen!

    I keep telling myself i'm OK with it but deep down it pains me that I haven't been able to master breastfeeding completely.