Thursday, 23 February 2012

Keeping It Real

In light of recent posts by Cherie at A Baby Called Max & Sonia at Life, Love & Hiccups, I have decided to write a ‘keeping it real’ post.
I have always been the girly girl in my family, growing up with two sisters; no one could quite believe how different I was to them. I would wear my Sunday best to play dates, I had a Barbie collection most girls would die for and I was an Irish Dancer, no Saturday netball for me.

As I got older, the girly traits didn’t disappear. I would leave the house only with foundation, blush and powder applied, hair in perfect position, clothes on that were picked out the night before and a visit to the mirror oh … about 10 times.

As I got bigger and bigger with my pregnancy the strings on looking good were loosened. I have always been a PJ girl whilst at home, but wearing singlets that resembled a crop top and shorts that I couldn’t see the hems of over my belly became my every day outfit.  

Make up – what’s that again?!

Contacts – who needs them?!

I would throw on a bit of powder to try and cover my hormone induced acne skin, a bra and a loose bun would form on the top of my head if I were to leave the house.

Oh don’t worry there would be clothes on top of said bra … don’t want you all forming terrible mental images of my pregnant body picking up groceries in just one item of underwear!

As I am an addict to online shopping, the knock on the door at 7am by the delivery man was a regular occurrence … I’m sure each morning as he perused over his deliveries for the day and sighted Mrs Jayne Jagger on the delivery docket, shivers would be sent down his spine. Not a pleasant sight to start his work day.

Now that Little Miss has entered the world … I have begun to take a lot more care in my appearance again, make-up is applied once she has had her morning bottle and is put down for her morning nap, the house sparkles each and every day and the delivery man … well let’s just say I am sure he is giddy with excitement now when he spots my name on his delivery sheet.

Do any of you want to throw up about now?? 

This is DEFINITELY NOT the case …

I walk around the house with a singlet and undies on, pants are optional, contacts are never put in unless I leave the house, and this is only because I mysteriously misplaced my favourite glasses and am left with an old pair that sit wonky across my nose, a small amount of powder is applied if I go out for the day only to try and hide the terrible bags under my eyes that have worsened since night time wake ups became part of my routine and my hair, the messy bun has become a staple style to allow myself just a few more days without washing it.

This is me … right after I read Cherie’s fabulous post about her desire not to wear make up every day, I felt a need to take this photo, to show what real women look like first thing in the morning. My hair was tied up before going to bed, I have to now as it gets in the way when I get up to Sophie in the middle of the night, half has fallen out, I have the bushiest un-waxed eyebrows (hello 2:30 appt today), no make-up, hello red chin, no bra action going on and a stained singlet from my leaking boobs !!

There you have it folks … Miss Jayne in all her glory!!

Don’t worry … you don’t have to thank me!


  1. And you're STILL incredible!


    I adore you.

    I can imagine you being the Girliest girl growing up :)

    Sophie will be a little ballerina :)

  2. And you still manage to be totally gorgeous leaky boobs and all. Love that youbare keeping it so real Hun, that's why we loves ya xxx

  3. Thanks for making this public.

    Got me so hard.