Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Friendships ...

New friendships are an amazing thing!

I started mothers group 3 weeks ago and almost instantly I formed new friendships. Especially with two of the women there.

Tania has a little girl named Sophie as well, she is 1.5 wks older than my Sophie and Karen has little Evie who is exactly 1 week older than Sophie.

We sat next to each other as strangers, strangers to each other and strangers to the new roles that we had taken on as Mums.

Over the past 3 weeks we have supported each other, agreed with each other over bad nights and laughed with each other as we stumble through the first weeks with our adorable little girls.

Tania had her bubs at SJOG Subi as well so I mentioned that there is an open-house program through the hospital for new Mums as well which I had gone to once before so we met there last week. I find this program so helpful and enjoyable, there were a few familiar faces from the previous one I had been to, even the non-familiar faces are so friendly, no one sits in silence. They have a group of older women who are volunteers who look after the babies while us Mums sit in the room next door with one of the midwives and we go around the room introducing ourselves, our bubs and any issues that we have had over the past week and along with both the midwife and the other Mums we discuss possible solutions.

We all say ‘I know I’m not the only one going through this’ but having other new Mums there agreeing with you and telling you what has worked best for them certainly helps.

I even bumped into one of the girls at the hospital at the beginning of the week when I went to my Lactation appt and we both stopped and had a chat.

I hope that these friendships continue past the forced mothers group sessions. The constant support is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Mother's group is wonderful. Three years later I still see most of the women from my group on a regular basis. We've all moved house and mostly gone on to have more children, but the ties that bind have strengthened.