Thursday, 9 February 2012

From Bad to Good ...

After having a terrible start to the day (was up between 2 and 5 feeding and settling Sophie), the day progressed and it got better and better.

I went and got my hair done!! Aahhhh just even typing that, I feel amazing. I haven’t had my hair done in AGES … didn’t even get it touched up prior to my sister’s wedding because of the heavily pregnant state that I was in.

I am lucky enough that my MIL lives right near my hairdresser so I dropped Sophie off for her first official babysitting adventure and off I went. I love getting my hair done for the obvious reason but I get the added bonus of having a friend do it for me. I have known her since we were 12, my appts are filled with gossip and laughs.

I picked Sophie up who had been an angel for her Granny and headed home. I managed to get some cleaning done, after discovering the brilliance of the Baby Bjorn … hello sleeping baby and hello clean floors !

Once Rob finished work for the day we decided to take Dakota for a walk, we are fortunate enough to live super close to the beautiful Swan River, this evening we decided to go to a different section and there were doggies galore down there (not that my following photos show this), the walk was gorgeous and actually difficult, perhaps the last few kilos will come off sooner than I had thought (fingers and toes are crossed for this one).

How gorgeous was the sky tonight …

How was your day? Did you do something that you love? Have you gone to bed with a smile on your face?


  1. Wow Jayne, she's growing so fast! I love Superman arms!

    A work day for me. But my fifth last one at that job ever. Four days to go! Was pretty nice though - I caught up with a bloggy friend for lunch then got a ride home with another friend.

    Hope today's another lovely day for you.

  2. Just came across your blog from Cake Crumbs & Beach sand. What a lovely little girl you have there. I have a baby girl who's five months now. The time just flies by. Enjoy every minute.
    Oh - and the hair looks fab!

  3. Kate - you are definitely not counting down those last work days are you :) I know, yesterday was the first day I looked at her and went wow, you really have grown, she's getting chubbier and its just so cute.

    Anna - WELCOME !! I know, the time is going by so quickly she is 8 weeks old today. Why thank you ... it wont look like that now that I have washed it ha ha. Straightened is my specialty.