Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ten Questions

I was tagged by the gorgeous Peggy from Cake Crumbs & Beach Sand in a quest to find out that little bit more about fellow bloggers.

I am fortunate enough to know Peggy in the real world and she certainly is one of the lovely ladies that inspired me to make the start on Jagger Files.

There are ten questions which I will do my very best at answering …

Describe yourself in 7 words: passionate, cleaner (sad ... but true), stubborn, family-oriented, baker, loud, outdoor-lover

What keeps you up at night? A good TV show, I am a sucker for the television or dreaming of what our next family home will look like.

Who would you like to be? My Mum & Dad combined .. an amazing parent.

What are you wearing right now? PJ shorts & a singlet … it’s 11:50am and I plan on being like this ALL day. Sophie and I haven’t had an entire day at home for too long. I can’t wait.

What scares you? Losing my parents … I adore both of them individually and as a team, I speak to them both daily and cannot imagine my life or Sophie’s without them.

Ooh and continuing on from Peggy’s answer … flying cockroaches, I had a terrible experience when I was 15 with about 10 of them .. eekkk you can also add spiders, snakes and most creepy crawlies to that list.

What are the best and worst things about blogging?
Best: I have loved getting to know the other amazing Mummies throughout Oz. Their trials and tribulations are inspiring me as a new Mum. I love jotting down my feelings and thoughts, I have always been a diary writer and I find expressing my feelings in other areas other than my own head help me with moving past a difficult stage in my life or reminding me of an amazing memory I don’t want to let go of.

Worst: The pressure to constantly blog. I get guilty if I haven’t done an entry in a while.

What was the last website you visited? … tried to find accommodation down south for Easter for our group of friends but unfortunately failed.
What is one thing you would like to change about yourself? To not put as much pressure on myself when I don’t always get everything finished. I am a big to-do list kind-gal and I always have a heap of things I would like to achieve by days end. If I don’t finish all of them I should be happy that I ticked at least one thing off that list.
Slankets – yes or no? OK so I had to google what a slanket was and its a definite NO!

Tell us something about the person who tagged you? Peggy has an amazing soul, always finding the positives within both people & situations. She thrives on positive energy, loves to create special meals and treats for her little family and she adores and holds onto the time she has with her hubby and gorgeous son. Traits that any person would admire from afar.

Now for the fun part to continue, I am tagging the following five fabulous bloggers so we can learn ten things about them too.

MegsnzacMy IRL friend, she is an amazing woman, extremely strong and beautiful mother to little Zac and I admire her for what she has gone through and how she copes in all situations.

Our Little Sins - Kate has been cheering me on for the past 9 weeks and I always value her comments and opinions on motherhood.

Life, Love & HiccupsSonia … Has 3 beautiful boys, provides laughs all day with her photo uploads to FB and a fabulous read on her blog.

Greenteantoast I am a new follower of Anna’s and I would love to know more about her. She is a Mumma to two adorable kiddies .. Oliver & Lila.

The Beetle Shack – Emily has gorgeous hair, a gorgeous new ‘look’ for her blog and an ‘About Me’ to die for. You will fall in love.


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! I actually answered these same questions a few days ago (Cheri @ A baby called Max tagged me).
    Love your answers - I hear you on the to-do list front. I am totally the same.
    ps how cute is your baby girl?!

  2. Thanks Lovely - I have played along today but with a twist ;) I LOVE this game and getting tokow my fave bloggers a little better. You and I have a lot in commong according to your ansers above :) xxx