Sunday, 19 February 2012

Will my boobs ever be the same again ?

Yes you read correctly ... this post is all about boobs!!

A painful and embarrassing week ahead!

Since making the decision to stop breastfeeding my emotions have gone up and down, I feel that I am finally at peace with it and have got myself into a nice routine with the cleaning of the bottles etc.

One thing I didn’t really put too much thought into … drying up my breast milk.


I last fed Sophie breast milk on Saturday morning. I had only been doing 1-2 breastfeeds per day for about a week prior to this so I haven’t been producing as much anyway but now that I have completely stopped the engorgement has commenced.

One of them isn’t too bad however the other is rock hard and painful. I may have to pad the left side of my bra if I plan on going anywhere this week because there is a definite size difference going on.

They feel lumpy and they sting.

Normally after Sophie’s 4am feed I manage to fall asleep straight away, last night this didn’t happen. I love sleeping on my side and if I was on my right side my boob began to ache, then if I went onto my left my right would slightly hang and stinging shooting pain would happen.

I feel as though I have lost control and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. Fingers crossed this only lasts a few days.

This all got me thinking ... do your boobs ever look the same again? Do your hips that have expanded to fit your babies head through your pelvis resume their normal shape? Does the dark line that appeared down your belly ever disappear?

Is anyone happy with their post childbirth bodies? Are you still trying to get it back to the way it looked prior? Are you happier, do you feel your new body empowers you as it is a constant reminder of the strength you had to bring a child into this world?

Me personally, I feel amazing. Lately I feel like I have this sudden surge of motivation, I feel healthy. I look in the mirror and yes there are parts of me that need some serious toning but I am OK with that. There is certainly a part of me that just wishes my hips would shrink a tad so that I can wear all my beautiful dresses and skirts once again but that will happen ... eventually!

It does happen ... doesn't it ?!?

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