Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Have you ever formed a friendship with someone that was so intense, that when a falling out happened you continued to pine for them, continued to live in hope that the friendship may one day return to its original state?

I have!

In year 9, my second year of high school I moved ‘groups’. High school always had groups, you would talk to the people that sat next to you in class but at recess and lunch you would congregate with your own group. Well I left one group to hang out with another, upon moving to this group there was one girl who didn’t immediately click with me. There was a jealous behaviour between the two of us, which I later discovered was because the guy, Brenton Mountford, who I dated in year 8 (dated as in held hands and walked to classes together for all of a few weeks), was her boyfriend throughout year 7. OOPS!

This girl along with her Mum and two sisters moved to a rental house a very short walk from where I lived, I remember the day that some of us decided to meet up and we walked to her house to see if she wanted to join us, we then walked back to my house and upon this walk was where we really first spoke to each other. We laughed at the fact that she was upset about a lost love.

From this day on, we grew closer and closer together.

She was going through a difficult time as her parents had just separated and I was there for her when she felt alone. We would write letters to each other, borrow each other’s clothes, have long phone calls after spending the day at school together, we even worked together at the local deli. I was there for her when she decided to run away from her Mums to live with her Dad, a decision which upset me as she was no longer within walking distance to me.

Year 11 Rivercruise

Our workplace is where our lives changed forever. The owners of the deli had two young sons, one a year older than us and another two years. After months of flirting I started dating one of the sons, me 15, and him 16. Soon after, one of his friends started dating my friend.

With this, we formed friendships with the amazing group of friends that these guys had.

Each Friday night I would stay with her at her Dad’s house, a 25 minute drive from home, we would be at parties, attempting to be let into pubs, we thought we were so much older than what we were.

We were by each other’s side each time one of us fought with our boyfriends, we covered for each other and above all, we never tired of each other’s company.

Six and a half months later my boyfriend and I ended things, it was tough at first but I continued to work for his parents therefore I saw him almost every day. His Dad had been diagnosed with cancer, he needed to be there for him and his Mum. I respected that.

With my girlfriend still seeing his friend therefore still spending each weekend with his group of friends and not with me, cracks started to show.

I resented the fact that she was choosing them over me, that she was still having fun with them and I felt too uncomfortable to be around them as often as she was.

We remained friends but I knew it wasn’t the same. I left school at the end of year 11 forcing our friendship to strain that little bit more, no longer were we with each other every single day.

I remember her 18th birthday, she was now dating a new guy and we all went clubbing together, I was still 17, I had just got my licence so I offered to drive, I always managed to get into places with my sisters ID. I remember dancing on a podium (yes, I rocked it out back in the day) and all I could notice was how close she seemed to everyone else there that night except for me.

Over the course of the next couple of years we drifted even further apart, and by drifted I mean the phone calls and catch ups completely came to a screeching halt.

I had a serious relationship, broke up with said serious boyfriend, went through hell with my sisters illness, moved out of home and met my now hubby all without her by my side.

In August of 2007 we were at the same 21st. Not one word was spoken. She left. I sent her a text. Yep, still remembered her number off by heart, she replied.

I remember the feeling like I had just heard back from a guy that I really, really liked. There were butterflies.

We were going to be at another 21st together in October, 2 months later. We emailed and chatted over the course of these 2 months and in October of 2007 our friendship began again.

Over the last 4 years, we have supported each other through home building, home renovating, a wedding, a baby, sister drama’s, job changes, and now an engagement.

Us at my wedding.

With our beautiful friends in Melbourne - girls weekend away.

Last weekend saw my gorgeous girlfriend in her happiest moment. She was celebrating her engagement to her boyfriend of 7 years. I was so happy to be there for her, she looked incredible and I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years brings for us.

Xx Love you!

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