Monday, 28 May 2012

Ironing bibs ... REALLY??

Ironing your babies’ clothes? Are you guilty of this?

I will be the first to admit that Sophie has only owned one top which required ironing, the pretty bow and structure of it needed some pressing. All of her other clothes are just so little and seem to end up (almost) wrinkle free after hanging on the line.

One thing I will NOT do is iron her bibs.

I took some of Sophie’s clothes including a few bibs to my Mums in a desperate plea for her to get the carrot stains out of them. Mum to the rescue. She succeeded and when I was at her house last week she was ironing and proceeded to point to Sophie’s clothes on the dining table.

Mum - ‘There are her clothes sweetheart, all clean and ironed’.

Me - ‘Awesome, thanks Mum! Aahhhh Mum did you iron her bibs?’

Mum - ‘Of course, I iron everything.’

I then had to admit that I don’t iron any of Sophie’s things and especially not her bibs, what will it be when she is toilet trained, ironing her undies??

I of course am grateful for Mum going to the extent of ironing them but this is definitely not something I will be starting.

This came up in conversation on Saturday night when I was out with the girls and one of my girlfriends admitted to doing this when her boys were young.

Am I the only one that doesn’t go crazy with ensuring her babies clothes are wrinkle free?

Do you iron absolutely everything?

I have a friend who irons tea towels … now that’s just plain crazy !!


  1. I don't iron anything except my work clothes, on the morning I am about to wear them! Everything comes off the clothes line and goes straight into my closet. Iron bibs? Hell no!

    1. ha ha I know crazy hey!!

      I do a big iron every now and then but even then I am selective as to what I iron! ;)

  2. I used to iron my pants but now, there is really no place for ironing in my life! My mum has designated ironing days and irons almost all of their clothes! Must be a mum thing!

  3. maybe it's a generational thing? My Mum irons everything. Although then again, my friend who is two years younger than me even irons her bedsheets and doona covers!

  4. You know when I was pregnant with Evie I used to say to my partner - I cant wait to be off work so that I can iron your shirts and pack your lunches for you. Do you think I have iron a shirt or packed a single lunch?? I think not!! I havent touch an iron for over two years!