Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tired Much ...

What a week … 

Too many blog posts in draft … too many early mornings … too many excuses to not hit publish … too many ‘I’m feeling sorry for myself’ moments !!

Monday I woke up feeling as though I had been hit by a truck. Sophie pulled yet another 5am wake up and I did NOT want to drag myself out of bed. It’s a simply feed and put back to bed (for both Sophie and I) but it just completely shatters me.

I thought the entire day was going to be a write off. I made myself a coffee and some porridge which I got to enjoy while Little Miss had a nap, when she woke we began our day in a whole new light. The weather last week was sensational so we took the blanket and some toys to the yard and took everything in.

From the trees swaying in the wind … to the birds chirping … to cars driving past … to Dakota refusing to lie with us. Our dog is a bit of a snob.

We even ventured out for a 4km walk to the fruit and veg market to collect the week’s goodies. It is amazing what a difference being in the outdoors and soaking up the sunshine can do.

My beautiful cousin and her two little girls came to visit on Tuesday, as did my sister. My cousin’s two girls are 22 months and almost 6 weeks old. Adorable. I have quite a few cousins but this one I am especially close with. She is 7 years my senior but ever since I got married something just clicked with us. Babies were always something she had dreamt about then my journey began into parenthood and she was always there. Her and her partner went separate ways a week prior to little Ava entering this world, I admire her strength each and every day, she is such an amazing Mum, someone I will always look up to.

Wednesday rolled around and presented me with another 5am wake up. Our weekly ritual of Mothers Group was here again and this time I had something to complain about. Each week I feel more bonded with these amazing ladies. All strangers 4 months ago and now we email and FB each other leading up to our next Wednesday catch up.

I got dressed up and went to the shops on Thursday, A better sleep meant the day needed to be taken advantage of. I shopped which has always been a favourite pastime of mine … perhaps I need to come to the realisation that it is in fact my addiction. Target were having a sale so stocked up on some more onesie’s in size 0 ready for the coming cooler months. Of course she already had some and probably didn’t need the 4 more that I bought but at $7.20 each I just couldn’t resist. Rob only knows about the top I bought her from Myer and that’s because it only cost me $2.45 … hello sale & $20 voucher.

Sorry babe as I do know that you read my posts.

Friday … aahhhh the end of the week, one day closer to the weekend … one day closer to spending time as a family … one day that would seem like it was lasting the duration of 3 days and I would be tearing my hair out by the end of it.

Sophie had the worst day with her teeth. Still no signs of one making their way through her tiny little gums but the pain … oh the pain … she definitely felt it.

I had 90 minutes of screaming and crying and more screaming. This is NOT how Sophie normally is. For 90 minutes I tried everything, rocking, patting, cuddling, mobiles, pacing the house until I was ready to walk out of the room while she cried her little eyes out then I made a decision. The thing that she has survived without for over 2 months, the thing she refused each time I offered it to her, the dummy.

I walked to the fridge and pulled the dummy out of the door, within seconds Sophie was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow, within seconds Sophie was settled, within seconds I had a sleeping baby.

She hasn’t become attached to it again which I was worried about, I haven’t needed to offer it to her since Friday which I am glad about. I have nothing against dummies, Sophie used one in the first few weeks but then refused to take it. All it is for me, I do not want her to get into a habit of sleeping with it and waking each time it falls out … 5am wake ups are bearable but 4-6 wake ups through the night is not my idea of fun.

This was a one off for my little girl; I honestly don’t know how Mums cope who have a screaming and crying child day in and day out. I admire them for getting through each day. All I am struggling with is an early start to the day.

I had an amazing weekend which made up for all of my tiredness throughout last week. Rob spent the entire day with us yesterday which is a rarity. After renovating for over 4 years I became so used to planning my days out which didn’t include him as he was always busy painting or building a deck. We caught up with friends for lunch, visited his Mum and then I had a night out with my girlfriends.

Today I lounged in bed until 9.30 … thanks babe !! I then walked to my parents’ house and settled in for an afternoon of footy watching and beer.

I hope you all had fabulous weeks and even better weekends.

What did you get up to?


  1. Those gorgeous pics of Sophie on the grass in the sunshine just brings back so many do the early feeds lol. Im not sure what to suggest except that you will get through this, you and her, so be kind to yourself hun xx

    1. Thanks hun. Aren't those photos gorgeous, I love just taking time out with her and soaking the sun and each other up! x

  2. Is that a Bonds jumpsuit? I had the same one for Bella!

    It's hard when your baby is hurting.... and not sleeping! It does pass though, just try and keep calm, steal as much sleep as you can and enjoy the cuddles- do what you have to do to get through it, it only lasts a short while. A short, painful while.

    Sophie is such a doll!

    1. Sure is !! Soooo cute!
      I am definitely enjoying the cuddles !!

  3. Oh those early wake-ups are torturous... so is teething for that matter!
    Your little Sophie girl is so beautiful though, kind of makes up for all the lack of sleep... kind of!?
    You're looking hot Mama too, love the dress! Nights out with the gals can pretty much fix anything, glad you had that time to unwind xo

    1. Oh thanks lovely !! Yes her cuteness definitely makes up for the bad days ... when she is happy and laughs and smiles it makes everything worthwhile.