Thursday, 3 May 2012

Crazy !

Rob is currently on his way home from the gym with a raspberry & coconut muffin!! Just what I need ...
My life in one word – CRAZY!
It has been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged which I feel so guilty about. Each day I have wanted to sit behind the laptop but each day is filled with errand running, appointments, coffee catch ups, visits to the gym, or in this week’s case, attempts to visit the gym. I get to the end of the day and my body is still running on adrenaline, Rob baths, massages and feeds Soph while I cook dinner, I then plonk myself on the lounge to watch some telly to unwind, I then get too engrossed in the TV and don’t end up going to bed until 11pm only to do the same all over again the next day.

OK so it’s not all bad, coffee catch ups aren’t a necessity, but there is nothing better than catching up with a girlfriend and having a whinge about our hubbies chat about how fabulous life is.
I went down south last week with 6 girlfriends. Sophie of course was there too and Zac, my gf’s 2 yr old. I was hesitant about going a few days prior as Soph had decided that sleeping all night wasn’t her thing anymore and 3am, 4am and sometimes a midnight wake up was a lot more fun. I was worried about not having Rob there to get up to her if I was too exhausted to lift my head from the pillow, not having Rob there to show her a new face at 5pm when arsenic hour decides to show up.
Sophie shocked me and was amazing. Sleeping in a new room and in her portacot, she slept through the entire night, all 3 of them and went down without any hassles for each of her day sleeps. YAY! We were out and about each day visiting wineries, breweries, wining and dining, and she was a little angel, she must love this lifestyle already, clearly her Mummy’s daughter.

Since coming home she has been sleeping through again, only waking at 330 having a whinge which I wake to only for her to fall asleep again and waking anywhere from 6-7am.
I will thank her for this when she is older.
Each week passes and I stop and think have I really just lived the past 5 days?! The weeks go by so fast, is it because I fill each day with so many things, is it because I am a Mum to a beautiful 4.5 mth old and with her routine it fills each day and I don’t have a moment to sit and reflect?!
Life seems as though it is sailing past me at such a rapid speed, I’m struggling to hold on.

I crave spending days at home, playing with Sophie, allowing her to sleep in her cot for each of her naps, filling her day with calmness which I want her life to have.

Today is my calm day.

I have gone shopping, had lunch with a very close girlfriend, done the grocery shopping, went for a workout, visited my sister, shopped and lunched with her, had a GP appt, went to mothers group, shopped and lunched with my SIL and nephew, attempted a 6am pump class only to pinch a nerve in my back and proceeded to scream with the pain for a good hour, had a morning tea to celebrate my godson’s birthday, had a visit from my parents, weeded, did a small photo shoot with Sophie out in the front garden and cleaned each and every day as I suffer slightly from OCD and can’t stand the kettle from sitting out of place and the mirror having splash marks on it.


Thank goodness my calm day has arrived.

I have already watched one episode of Gossip Girl, cleaned the outside of our laundry windows (we have 6 very large windows in the laundry) and made the bed. I feel GOOD!!

Do you try and schedule a day per week to do nothing but stay at home?! I need to make this a regular thing. Is it terrible that our lives become so busy that we have to schedule these days into our diary?!


  1. I'm the same! I have been not organising anything lately so I can just have days at home! I think the kids need it. Feels like I am never home. Today I decided to get what I needed to get done very early so I left home just after 8 did my shopping, got home at 12.30 put the kids down for a nap & a quick rest for me (The View haha) & then I have the whole rest of the day with them!! It's crazy we have to schedule time to stay home! I think from now on I am going to do my best to have nothing on Mondays & Fridays!! :) xx

  2. Amazing how many things Mama's can achieve in a day... your day sounded like a workout in itself!
    How wonderful to steal a weekend away with the girl's and still have your little lady with you. Babies are remarkable how they can behave at the right times, what a good girl.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and it's a pleasure to find you and your blog also. Looking forward to following along with your adventures xo