Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Our next chapter ...

Sophie began her solids journey last week. This meant my little not even 5 month old girl is not so little anymore.

I sat her in her high chair and she looked so tiny as she peered over the tray. She was so interested in what was on that spoon, opening her mouth so wide as that’s where everything goes isn’t it Mum? Anything she can get her hands on goes straight inside her little full lipped mouth. This was until the rice cereal made contact with her tongue. Her nose was screwed up, the tongue pushed the food out and she looked at Rob and I ‘what on earth WAS that?’

Each day is different, some days she is happy to have a few spoonful’s, other days she purses her lips and won’t let us anywhere near her with it.
I am really excited about introducing all of the foods to her as the weeks go by. I’m sure I’ll be mopping the floors a lot more than what I do at the moment.
This chapter of our journey just reminds me how quickly she is growing. She isn’t cradled like a baby much anymore, she is picked up from under the arms, no head support needed, already saying Dada … I can’t believe in 4 days’ time she will be 5 months new.

Where is the time going?!

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